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San Jose
Costa Rica


San Jose is the capital of the Republic of Costa Rica , the city is located in the center of the country on the plateau called intervocálica Central Valley. San Jose is the largest of the Costa Rican territory, political, economic and social center as well as the main hub for transport and telecommunications.


Culturally can be considered almost entirely influenced by europe by the Spanish immigration from its discovery by Christopher Columbus , influence also the Creole imported from France and Belgium, where generally studied the privileged class of the country in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century.





Costa Rica was an area of ​​contact between Mesoamerican cultures and northern South America prior to the arrival of the Spanish in the sixteenth century, the region now occupied by San Jose was inhabited by indigenous huetares of "Señorío de Garabito". Aboriginal culture of these belonged to the Intermediate Area and is mainly characterized by its works in stone sculpture and the development of jade pieces . Around the city of San Jose there were several chiefdoms , with Virilla River as the boundary between the kingdom of Garabito and the Lordship of Guarco , the other kingdom huetar important in the region.

With the independence of Central America, which belonged to Costa Rica as a province in 1821, a first provisional constitution, known as the Pact of Concord, which stipulated , among other determinations , the rotation of the seat of the highest authorities of Costa drafted Rica between the towns of Cartago , San José , Heredia and Alajuela. For this circumstance , San José was the capital for the first time from May to August 1822 .

The development of San José as a city was favored by the liberal ideas that prevailed from the mid-nineteenth century and its aftermath . In 1884, he became one of the first cities in the world to have electric lighting.

Currently, the city occupies only 4 % of the country , home to 60 % of the population. On the streets circulates 70% of the vehicle fleet of Costa Rica and 85 % of its industry is located . From the air, the greater metropolitan area appears with a huge spread and compact urban sprawl that has grown without organization. San Jose has a congested urban landscape and strictly due to lack of state and municipal planning, landscape remaining in small isolated pockets of culture , history and nature .



The city is located in the center called Central Valley at an average altitude of 1,300 meters, without great variations in altitude.



Although the city is located in a tropical area , altitude soften the effects of the tropical climate . Temperatures are relatively mild , between 12 and 28 ° C , even in the summer months are usually warm as they easily reach 31 ° C , the minimum can reach 10 ° C and registering frost in high altitude areas . The rainy season, like the rest of the country , from May to November and accumulated during rainfall around 2,000 mm.





Gallo Pinto
Dish made of beans and rice , seasoned with sweet peppers and onions , can be served with fried eggs and corn tortillas.

A typical dish made with any seafood , usually raw fish marinated in lemon juice, spices and vegetables .

Guaro is a traditional drink that is made from sugar Cane .

It is a traditional dish from the kitchen of Costa Rica based on beans, meat or fish, cooked rice and fried banana .





Costa Rica 's economy is the 11th largest in Latin America after Brazil , Mexico , Argentina , Colombia , Venezuela , Chile, Peru , Dominican Republic , Guatemala and Ecuador . The stable economy of Costa Rica stems mainly from tourism , agriculture and export of electronic equipment and services. The country reduced poverty significantly during 1950 and 1980 thanks to a strong boost from the state to the production processes for the internal market and the development of a strong social investment in education , health, electricity , telecommunications and services provision water ; among others.



Places of interest



Shopping Centers

The country and mainly San Jose has experienced a huge growth and commercial development in the last decade, consistently have had to build large shopping centers to house the growing domestic trade. Also in the city of San Jose is one of the largest malls in Central America

National Theatre of San Jose

The National Theatre of Costa Rica , is located in the capital of San Jose and is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city . Located in the heart of the city, its surrounding streets enjoy a frantic pace of life youre not seen in the rest of Costa Rica .


Chinatown in San Jose, is an urban area of about 550 m and 8200 m long building is the first of its kind in Central City . The area began to develop as a commercial center of Chinese origin in the last decades of the twentieth century , basically with the installation of supermarkets , shops and some restaurants owned by people of that nationality.



Cultural activities


Cow Parade

San Jose became in March of 2008  a pasture land of 120 artistic cows. For the first time in Central international exhibition Cow Parade arrived in the capital of Costa Rica led by the Municipality of San José . Subsequently, the cows are auctioned art and be located in different parts of the city .

Arts Festival

The National Festival of Arts - FNA is an event that aims to strengthen the identity , we creativity, coexistence, and essentially make real to people a civil right ; accessibility to art and cultural events , strengthening democracy building as a component of comprehensive development . It has been characterized as not only an artistic window for local production to a mass audience but also an opportunity for the exchange of experiences between local and foreign artists who visit us for the benefit of the diversity of the Costa Rican media, both to the artist same as for the audience .


It is an artistic and cultural event that arises in 2004 and seeks to stimulate the North axis of the city of San Jose, with art and culture, especially the Morazan Park, Spain Park, Garden Peace Park , Supreme Electoral Tribunal , National Park Paseo de las Damas and its surroundings . Transitarte public space becomes an ideal place to develop artistic, literary , recreational craft , visual , culinary and sports activities throughout the weekend scenario . This summer festival offers the public and artists the opportunity to meet , share and participate in various creative proposals of the highest national and international quality.

Festival of Light

The Festival of Light originates in 1996, when the Municipality of San José organized the first parade of floats and the best bands of the country, along its route along the Paseo Colón and Avenida Segunda, will provide the Costa Ricans a great show of color and joy in the Christmas framework in which this activity takes place .