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It is a city in Cuba that belongs to the municipality of Cardenas, located on the peninsula of Hicacos, province of Matanzas. Punta Hicacos is the closest point to the United States, is 30 km long of which 22 kms are beaches. Bordered on the north side with the Straits of Florida, with a population of 26,680 inhabitants, its main economic sector is tourism development. 


When you say the word "Varadero" immediately associated primarily with a gorgeous beach and tourism. It was founded as a town in late 1887 when the settlement of ten families was documented in the area, and in the first decades of the previous century the wealthy families of the town of Matanzas took it as a vacation spot. They ordered the construction of residential housing that stand today, some of which belonged to Al Capone and Irenee Du Pont. Some of these are the famous Xanadu Mansion, as well as the construction of a golf course in 1931, which was the first to be built on this island. 



It has over 20 km of beautiful beaches making it a major tourist destination. Varadero Beach runs along the peninsula, which has between 700 and 7200 m in width. Its beaches are known for their fine white sand and a gentle descent of the platform towards the sea. This port has excellent conditions for diving, fishing and all sorts of water sports. Including a congress center. 


Weather in Varadero has no climate change that occurs throughout the region, most of Cuba's climate is tropical warm, with summer rains. There is sun most of the year. Average temperatures are between 26 and 28° C, the average winter temperature is 20° C and in summer can find a temperatures at 26-27° C. You can enjoy the beach mostly in the season between January and April, although there could be cold fronts in the months of June, July and August you can also enjoy these beautiful beaches, only it counted on a typical rainy region of. 


Varadero´s economy is mainly focused on tourism. The tourist center is led by several Cuban and foreign hotel chains such as como Gran Caribe, Gaviota, Grupo Cubanacán, Sol Meliá, Barceló among others, and has a powerful infrastructure of restaurants specializing in Cuban and international cuisine, snack bar, shops and commercial, marine and diving centers with subsidiaries in hotels cores. 


A large merge characterizes the cuisine. Which comprises incorporating three aspects, such as Spanish, African and Caribbean. With the conquest of the Spaniards entered the palates of Cuban species such as beans, rice, citrus fruit and beef. On the other hand, African slaves were working in the cane plantations these lands integrated their way of cooking and different ingredients like yam. The main dish is the ajiaco Creole, which is a kind of vegetables and meat soup of various types, which stands out for the variety of ingredients used in its preparation. Other well-known dishes are: beef mince, Eastern congrí, and the "moros y cristianos", yucca with mojo and a variety of preparations with rice and fish. 


International Song Festival It is an event organized in Matanzas spa with the participation of artists, singers and musicians, Cuban and international of different genres. The first international event, attended by artists from four countries, totaling 101 participants. The event is usually held at the International Hotel, with sub-offices at the Plaza de las Mil Taquillas and Varadero Amphitheatre. Among the Cuban participants are cited; the master Adolfo Guzman, who led the orchestra in the 1970 event; Eugenio Pedraza Ginoris in artistic direction; Abraham Garcia designer. On the musical side, say that since the first event to the last, some of most prominent national artists in all genres have been featured on stage. 

Places of interest


DelfinarioThe Dolphinarium is located in a natural lagoon of mangroves near the Marina Chapelin. Usually there are 2 dolphin (about 35-40 minutes each) a day, at 11:00 am and 3:30 pm. After the show you can get your picture taken with a dolphin (on a platform, not in the water) for an extra 5 CUC. Visitors can also swim and interact with dolphins and get to do different tricks with these graceful animals. 

Xanadu Mansion 

Mansion XanaduIts refinement, personalized service and a range of services according to the most exquisite customer requirements distinguish it above the rest. Built in the style of the 30s, the former residence owned by Mr. Irenée Dupont de Nemours, is an exotic building is located in a privileged environment. Designed by Cuban architects Govantes and Cabarrocas, this mansion showcases various architectural styles such as the Asian, American and colonial mix. It still preserves its original interior furniture reminding us of all its glory. 

Josone Park 

Parque JosoneA site for others many locals consider beautiful paradise on earth. Josone Park is located on 1st Avenue and 56, in the center, and occupies about 8 hectares, all covered by lush vegetation and well maintained. This is a great botanical garden with varied nature, violet tiny or huge climbing, all in a peaceful, loving environment.