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Guerrero, México.

Discover the best guide of Acapulco, a city in the state of Guerrero also called "Pearl of the Pacific" (as the city of Mazatlan) being a port of the most visited in the country. It has more than 20 km of beaches where you can make and play any sport or water activities, sunbathing or just walking to enjoy the sunset. In addition to offering a wide range of traditional dishes including seafood of the most popular of the place, its history, squares, among many others. Definitely a great place for a relaxing vacation surrounded by family or friends and take a good experience of visiting the city. ¿Looking for the best beaches in Mexico? Tripper Travel Guide.


discover acapulco

The history of the city of Acapulco back in 1528, this time Mexico was part of New Spain, on April 25 by order of King Carlos I of Spain, Acapulco became direct power of the crown taking the name "City of Kings" was founded by Antonio de Mendoza, first viceroy of New Spain ...

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Acapulco is a municipality in the state of Guerrero, bordered on the north by the municipalities of Chilpancingo and Juan R. Escudero, on the south by the Pacific Ocean, east to the town of San Marcos and west with the municipality of Coyuca de Benitez. The territorial extension is of 1,882 has km2, representing nearly 3% of the state surface and its coastline 62 km long.



Acapulco has a warm climate semi-humid with summer rains and an average annual temperature of 25 ° C. The maximum temperature recorded is 39.5 ° C and minimum is 16 ° C.  Warmer areas are by the sea, tropical storms and hurricanes occur from May to November and months more rainy days are August and September. The average annual rainfall is 1,200mm presents varied.



The main economic activity is tourism Acapulco leaving more than half of the economy through public and followed by commerce service that generates employment sector. Industrial production is mainly limited to bottling, dairy products, cement, and ice and energy production. Agricultural production harvest tomatoes, corn, watermelon, beans, green peppers and melons.



Discover its Cultural Attractions

The city of Acapulco has a great musical, artisanal and culinary diversity, know and be captivated by the cultural richness of Acapulco.



Historic Center

centro histórico de acapulcoDiscover the historic center of Acapulco. Meet emblematic and filled with history sites in the center of Acapulco, where in addition to important museums and historical monuments you will find fun places that you can visit during your holiday.

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museos de acapulco
Visit the Museum of Acapulco, and meet one of the "fort of San Diego" most important monuments of the city. Among the museums you will know the culture and history of the beginnings of the city as host important exhibitions of objects, paintings and sculptures.

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Teatros de acapulcoDiscover the theaters of Acapulco. Find information works or functions, the best music and events held by the city dwellers and foreigners. In addition to shows some painting workshops, dance, music, theater or language classes are taught.

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Acapulco Gastronomia

Meet the typical food of Acapulco try the best dishes of Acapulco during your holiday, Acapulco offers a wide variety of cuisine, with some flavors originating from pre-Hispanic and Spanish ingredients, plus fresh seafood, do not miss your traditional dishes.

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Descubre los Atractivos Naturales



Papagayo Park

papagayo adventure

Also it is known as the "Green Lung Acapulco" this place is a broad ecological, recreational and tourist reserve located in the port of Acapulco. It has extensive green areas and three artificial lakes, a lot of exotic species in captivity. In addition to child sites and popular recreation such as a fair, sports courts, a skating rink, a library, etc.

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La Quebrada

la quebrada acapulco

“La Quebrada” is a cliff 45 meters high,  since 1934 diving are made by young port, the danger lies in that the diver must calculate the time the wave causes the sea level to be at its highest, because otherwise it would be certain death because of the impact against the rocks below.In one of the cliff walls there is a road to rail, and a restaurant, plus a gazebo where you can see the cliff divers.

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Virgen de los Mares

virgen de los mares acapulco

It is located next to the island of La Roqueta, submerged to 5 meters deep and perfectly visible acapulqueña Virgen de los Mares.She was taken to this curious point in the late fifties by Apolonio Castillo, he was an athlete of the place and since then, every December 12th, all residents who live off the sea come to contemplate and venerate.


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Palma Sola

palma sola acapulco

It is located in the amphitheater or at the top of the port of Acapulco, it is an archaeological site, particularly on the slopes of Cerro El Veladero.There is a set of 18 granite rocks of various sizes with engravings depicting the way of life and the geographical environment of the place that was inhabited between the years BC.


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Playa Caleta y Caletilla

playas de acapulco

They are two of the most popular beaches in acapulco separated by an access to a small island, which along with the island of La Roqueta, are protected by the high waves of the Pacific Ocean, which are ideal for the visit of children and the adults.They also have a wide range of seafood restaurants with the typical flavor of the region provide excellent panoramic domestic and foreign tourism.

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Pie de la Cuesta

pie de la cuesta acapulco

This lagoon has lush tropical vegetation, this place is a great place for water skiing or sailing out to enjoy the sun and sea breeze. It is renowned for its sunsets and beach with strong waves definitely a great place to live an unforgettable experience.


Vestimenta  Típica

Vestimenta Típica Acapulco

Las mujeres usan falda floreada largo a media pantorrilla, blusa en satín, en colores chillantes con adornos de blonda de seda, manga tres cuartos y se lleva por fuera, enagua blanca, un mandil, paliacate y usan zapato o huarache. Los hombres usan camisa y pantalón blanco, paliacate, sombrero de palma, zapato o huarache.

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