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Welcome to "Perla del pacifico"

Discover Mazatlan, a beach resort with tourist activities that will make your vacation unique and fun, as it is one of the most important ports dedicated to tourism at a national level due to its warm climate, its people, its rich natural treasures, the world's longest boardwalk, the second highest natural lighthouse in the world, the most delicious seafood in the world earning it the title of " Shrimp Capital". You will also find interesting museumshistorical monuments, historical or magical towns, the most important aquarium in northwest Mexico, and countless other things to discover during your trip to Mazatlan that will make trip unforgettable.  Find deals and packages for a better vacation experience in Mazatlan with Tripper Travel Guide.

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This magical city was founded in 1531 by a small group of Spanish conquistadors led by Nuno Beltran de Guzman, although the indigenous tribe of the Totorames inhabited Mazatlan in antiquity. Upon settling the port, the over dominant attitude of the invaders caused discontent among the natives that resulted in a great battle that was eventually won by the Spaniards. The conquerors considering the battle a big win; large plots were distributed after the victory, thus becoming the first residents of Mazatlan.


The name "Mazatlan" is of Nahuatl origen, "Mazatl" which means deer, "Tlan" meaning earth, place or site. Better known as "Land of deer". Among the activities that were carried out include agriculture, fishing, and hunting, although over time the city has been industrializing, and presenting progress mainly in the service sector, such as the hospitality; being this last activity very characteristic of Mazatlan and well-known at national and international level.


The municipality of Mazatlan is located in the Southern part of Sinaloa, 488 kilometers Northwest of Guadalajara, Jalisco; 315 kilometers south west of Durango, Durango and 218 kilometers south of Culiacan, Sinaloa on the Pacific coast, 21 kilometers south of the Tropic of Cancer, 2 meters 50 cm. above the sea level. Its territory covers and area of 3,068.48 km2 generally flat terrain with the exception of slopes by the Bay.


Mazatlan is characterized by a rainy semi-humid tropical climate with an annual average temperature of 26° Celsius with an average of 300 sunny days per year. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures that can exceed 36 degree Celsius and warm and dry winters with temperatures dropping to 10 to 12 degrees Celsius.


Most of the inhabitants of Mazatlan live off tourism and fishing, as these two are the main industrial activities that generate the greatest economic income in Mazatlan. Its´ fishing fleet is the second largest in Mexico. Among the most processed products from the sea include tuna and shrimp. The mazatleca gastronomy is of high quality due to the freshness and quality of its products; in addition, the city has two electric power plants, the original headquarters of the Pacific brewery, a coffee factory and numerous hotels and restaurants of highly recognized world chains.


Cultural Attractions

Welcome to Mazatlan, where you can contemplate a pleasant atmosphere with large constructions of neo-classical tropical style that characterizes the historical center. The culture of the city is very varied, but it is so interesting that you will learn everything with just having fun.

Historical Center

Relive the history and admire the architecture and culture of the historic center of Mazatlan. Dare to explore every nook and cranny including shops, restaurants and outdoor cafés surrounded by XIX century buildings.  Upon setting foot in "Old Mazatlan", you will have many interesting places to visit just a few steps away like: hotels, banks, museums and galleries art, municipal market and the majestic Angela Peralta Theater, the oldest and most recognized theater in Mazatlan. 

Inmaculada Concepción Cathedral

In ancient cities of Mexico the cathedrals was considered as the most important building as it was a symbol of social, ecclesiastical and economic power of the community. Its construction started in 1856 and ended in 1899. 

Its was started to build on the initiative of Pedro Loza and Pardavé Obisto and later resumed by the priest Miguel Lacarra. It is characterized by its architecture of Gothic influence abroad. Its three bodies showcase gothic and neoclassical design on its facade.

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Mazatlan is a city where music and art plays an important role in the lives of its inhabitants. Every year various institutions such as schools, independent groups, foreign groups and specialized groups such as Cultura Mazatlan present their unique plays and original musical pieces, as well as foreign works in one of the two theaters available in town. Discover the mazatleco talent and let your imagination fly attending theatrical presentations.

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Discover the talent of the people of Mazatlan as well the story and history of Mazatlan through the art pieces displayed in the museums in the Historic Center of Mazatlan.

Find unique and irreplaceable pieces, stories and books of yesteryear that will take you to the past, amazing paintings, sculptures, handicrafts and much more...

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Anual Events and Festivals

Attend the best festivals and annual events in Mazatlan, a picturesque city, full of history and traditional celebrations held on the shores of its crystalline, golden beaches.

Thousands of tourists arrive to the port from all over the world to enjoy their favorite celebrations; one of the most famous is the Mazatlan carnival, being enlivened by fun floats decorated by its inhabitants. 

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Mazatlan specialty dishes are based on seafood and fish recipes with innovative combinations from the 5 continents, enriching the local flavors, that have withstanded time.

Enjoy a delicious ceviche, exquisite shrimp and fish, Mexican cuisine, even international food. Without doubt a unique attraction of the city is its gastronomy.

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Famous People

The city of Mazatlan is home to famous personalities such as Don Cruz Lizárraga, Pedro Infante, Francisco Javier Rodríguez Pinedo, José Ángel Espinoza "Ferrusquilla", Lorena Herrera, Ramón Rubín Rivas, Sara Ramírez among others. Learn something of its history and trajectory; the city of Mazatlan is a place full of surprises.

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Natural Attractions



Mazatlan Lighthouse

mazatlan lighthouse

Visit and dare to climb The lighthouse atop mount Creston, with a height of 157 meters approximately above sea level, where at the top you can admire on the horizon much of the whole city of Mazatlan and the Pacific Ocean.

The Mazatlan lighthouse is considered the highest natural lighthouse in the world and has been operating since the beginning of the 19th century, we recommend you wear sports clothes and comfortable shoes if you plan to visit it.    

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The Three Islands

three islands

From the avenida del mar, along the whole boardwalk you can admire the three islands, declared biosphere reserve and currently home to migratory birds and other species. Their names are Bird Island, Deer Island and Goat Island.

Deer Island is the only one to which you have free access where you will also find a small restaurant and a safe and crystalline beach area, can be reached by means of catamaran, small boats or kayaks.

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Mazatlan Beaches

mazatlan beaches

Spend an unforgettable day at the beach in the beautiful crystalline sea of the city of Mazatlan; you have many options to choose from according to your needs and your companions. The most popular areas are:

High Waves (Olas Altas), The Pines, North Beach, Gaviotas Beach, Shrimp Beach, Cerritos, Brujas, Stone Island and Deer Island beach. Enjoy Mazatlan's Beaches! 


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Mazatlan Activities

Visit the best places and enjoy fun activities in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. With its own baseball stadium, the aquarium, the boardwalk, a beautiful historical center, the golden zone, the great number of beaches and excellent gastronomic offers are all awaiting your arrival. The inhabitants will make you and your family welcome so you can have the best vacations of your life or the most relaxing business trip.

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