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Arizona, Estados Unidos.

Phoenix is the capital of the state of Arizona and Maricopa County . Also known as the Valley of the Sun , it is the largest and most populous city in the state , officially reaching and according to the population census of 2010 the 1,445,632 inhabitants in its municipality.


The name of the city comes from the Latin word phoenix, referring to fabulous bird the ancients believed was unique and was reborn from its ashes. Darrel Dupa imposed it , symbolizing the birth of a new civilization on the ruins of the Hohokam settlements.



Founded by Jack Swilling and his wife Trinidad Escalante in the year 1868 near the Salt and Gila River was incorporated as a city on February 5, 1881.

The area now occupied by the city of Phoenix was inhabited by more than a thousand years by the Hohokam. This town built the first irrigation system Valle del Sol, establishing a system of channels about 217 km in length allowed to bring water from the Salado River, thus establishing the first farms became possible in the desert . Pueblo Grande ruins, occupied between the years 700 and 1400 d. C. are the remains of the first settlement in the city.

Father Eusebio Kino (1645-1711) was one of the first Europeans to visit the place in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. The Spaniards were mainly concentrated in the missions of the Pima Indians in southern Arizona, so the Salado river valley remained uninhabited for several centuries before 1860.

This city has been consolidated as a modern metropolis, growing and dynamic. Right now Phoenix is ​​experiencing a housing boom in what refers to buildings over 91 m high.



Phoenix is located at coordinates 33 ° 34'20 "N 112 ° 5'17 " O in the Salt River Valley , or Valley of the Sun from the center of Arizona. The town lies north of the Sonoran Desert , at an average altitude of about 340 meters. Usually Phoenix topography is flat , except for some hills on the outskirts of the city. This allows the city has wide avenues and streets with a precise grid , with roads with wide open spaces .



Phoenix has an arid climate with very hot summers and mild winters typical of the Sonoran desert , where it is located . The average summer high temperature is the highest of all populated areas of the United States . The temperature reaches or exceeds 38 ° C on an average of 110 days during the year , including most days from late May to early September, and during an average of 18 days a year reaches or exceeds the temperature 43 ° C . The June 26, 1990 , the temperature reached 50 ° C incredible .




Phoenix has long been known for authentic Mexican cuisine , thanks to the proximity to Mexico , especially sound and the large number of Mexican citizens . But the recent population boom has brought people from all over the US , and to a lesser degree in other countries, and has since influenced the local cuisine. International food as Brazilians, Koreans, Italians and French have become more common in recent years , but is still the most popular meeting Mexican cuisine Mexican restaurants throughout the city .



Traditional burrito that is fried, stuffed with beef or chicken and cheese , served usually bathed in some kind of salsa and guacamole , served with rice or beans.

Delicious mexican dish is prepared with cow guts, seasoned with cilantro , onion, lime juice and red pepper .

Cheese crisps
Delicious appetizer that is prepared with melted cheese, can be served with salads , vegetables and beans.

They are prepared with flour tortillas of 20 centimeters in diameter that are filled with meat, cheese and vegetables and even peanut butter and jelly

Tortilla chips fried or roasted, smothered in green sauce or red pepper, and may contain other ingredients such as shredded chicken , shredded beef meat , flank steak , beef jerky , sausage , eggs to order , Oaxaca cheese , manchego or cream , onion and avocado.



Phoenix was in the beginning an agricultural town , dependent on copper , cattle , climate, cotton and citrus. In the last four decades most of the farms were allocated to residential , and the economy has diversified as it has both the population. The construction boom collapsed in 2008 with the onset of the financial crisis of 2007. A large part of the area's residents are government employees . High-tech companies and telecommunications have relocated to the area of the city. Because of the weather with mild winters , Phoenix enjoys a great summer and recreational season, among which is the industry is home golf. Phoenix is number 7 among the 500 largest companies according to Fortune magazine .


Places of interest


Challenger Space Center

The Challenger Space Center provides astronomy enthusiasts a chance to view exhibits and memorabilia related to space. Visitors can touch real meteorites, simulate a shuttle launch and play a cyclone steam in one of the guided tours of the center .


Floating in the Salt River

If you're looking to escape the hot sun of Arizona, found floating down the river by the Salt River , located in the Tonto National Forest near Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix. You can have two, three or five hours away and relax while floating downstream.


Scottsdale ArtWalk

Art lovers visiting the Phoenix area should head to Scottsdale on a Thursday night. The Scottsdale Gallery Association sponsors the ArtWalk as an open house for the Arts District of Scottsdale, located in and near the main street.


Camelback mountain

The outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking should be directed to Camelback Mountain. Once intended for Indian reserve, this provides easy trails at the base and two summit trails for expert hikers . The trails are open until sunset.


Phoenix Zoo

Animal lovers will enjoy a visit to the Phoenix Zoo , where you can see over 1,200 animals on display . The zoo has 2.5 miles (4 km ) of trails that are divided into four sections. Watch the big game in Africa , the exotic birds in tropical and native animals in the Southwest United States.


Museum of Musical Instruments

The world's only museum devoted to musical instruments in Phoenix opened in spring 2010. The Museum of Musical Instruments ( MIM ), covers two levels and aims to educate visitors about the music and the development of instruments in the first floor of the museum and on the second level , you can see musical instruments from more than 200 countries around the world, organized by geographic location.