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City and one of the 125 municipalities in Jalisco, Mexico located in the northern coastal region of the state between Nayarit and Jalisco. An estimated 25,681 people live in Puerto Vallarta, this being the sixth most populated city in Jalisco according to a census of INEGI in 2013.

Its location, subtropical climate and geographical features make it the ideal place to enjoyable an unforgettable holiday at the beach. It is considered the third most important port of Mexico that hosts more than 5 million domestic and international tourists each year. Its main economic driver is contributed to its tourism sector. Tourists will find a fabulous tropical destination with a wide tourist offer, beautiful beaches and luxury hotels for a relaxing holiday.

During a tour of the city, you will find historical building of great cultural value, art, customs, traditions and legends of Puerto Vallarta.


According to historians, the first settlements in the area dates back to around 300 BC in the Middle Preclassic. A thousand years later arrive the Aztatláns in the Early Post Classic then finally inhabited by groups of the Banderas culture in the Late Post Classic. The Banderas called the valley "Xihutla" which means "place where the grass grows."

Capital Francisco Cortes of San Buenaventura, nephew of Hernán Cortés, reached the coast of the town of Tintoque in March 1525. According to historians, more than 20,0000 armed Indians were waiting for him. Upon seeing so many enemies, the friar who came with them knelt to ask god's for help, that was when his red banner shimmered instilling valor in the soldiers and fear on the Indians who surrendered, leaving their banners and weapons at the friars feet. The Spaniards named the Valley of Flags area.

The foundation of Puerto Vallarta has its beginnings in 1851 with Don Guadalupe Sanchez Torres, a boatman who was carrying salt from San Blas to the Playa de los Muertos. Young Guadalupe sometimes found himself waiting for days for the carriers to come down to the beach for the salt which gave him the idea of settling in the beautiful bay while waiting. The site is named Las Peñas de Santa Maria de Guadalupe. Later that year came the family of Guadalupe and other families to the area and the population began to grow. It did not take long for other mining companies to establish themselves in the area for loading and unloading of supplies for mountain villages.

In 1880 Las Peñas de Santa Maria de Guadalupe had a population of 1,5000 inhabitants. It was not until 1885 that the town will enter the maritime traffic and received the title of port named Puerto La Peñas. That same year the official Maritime Customs office was constructed and the town was declared a political and judicial place. The Maritime trade helped boost the development and growth of the port. A few years later in 1918 Las Peñas obtained the title of town with a new name: Puerto Vallarta, in honor of the governor of Jalisco Ignacio L. Vallarta.


Puerto Vallarta is located 220 km northwest of Colima, 195 south of Guadalajara and 310 kilometers south of Mazatlan at 101 meters above sea level on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands. Its location, at the innermost of Banderas Bay, offers shelter from the hurricanes that hit the Pacific coast.


Puerto Vallarta is located in a semi-warm humid climate with over 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 25°C. The maximum average temperature throughout the year is 27 °C. The warmest days occur during summer and early autumn, from June to October, with temperatures ranging between 27-33 ° C. The average minimum temperature is 21 ° C with the coolest months being June to October with temperatures between 9-18 ° C. Annually, Puerto Vallarta receives an average of 937 mm of rain. The rainy season is in the summer from May to October.

Main attractions

The Boardwalk

Beautiful 870-meter long boardwalk and main attraction of Puerto Vallarta. Of the 11 blocks covering the boardwalk, 8 of these are exclusively for pedestrians. It is located in the historic center from the traditional Hotel Rosita and extends to the Romantic Zone through the Arches. Throughout your journey you will find a great variety of restaurants, bars, art galleries, jewelry stores, sculptures and perfectly remodeled attraction to have a nice evening with the family.

Isla Del Rio Cuale

The Rio Cuale Island is a quiet, green oasis in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta where visitors can relax or walk along the paths along the island full of trees, stalls and cafes. At the end of the island, opposite the pier, you will find a quiet area where the Cuale Cultural Center and workshops of all kinds are located with view of the mountains of Puerto Vallarta.

Vallarta Botanical Garden

Located 20 km south of Puerto Vallarta. In this garden visitors can enjoy an extensive collection of regional flowers and plants, bridges and stunning views. Some of the attractions, here you can also admire is rose gardens, aquatic plants, cactus, ferns, tropical fruit orchard, picnic area, restaurant and shops.

The Church Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

One of the most visited places in Puerto Vallarta and a spiritual symbol of the city recognized worldwide. Its beginnings date back to 1903 when the foundation of the church was built. Above the ground floor of neoclassical design are three beautiful towers of Renaissance style. Since 1965 the central main tower features a crown held up by angels. Inside the church you will find works of art: paintings, works in wood and marble. The Church Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe dresses its best each December in celebration of the anniversary of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Marina Vallarta

Modern, sophisticated and exclusive Marina located just minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport between Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta. Visitors can enjoy a golf club designed by world class architect Joe Finger, an exclusive hotel zone, a marina that attracts luxurious yachts and boats from all over the world, a boardwalk with a wide variety of restaurants of all price and a lighthouse that offers a spectacular view of Puerto Vallarta. Day or night, the fun does not stop.

Municipal market of Puerto Vallarta

Market in the heart of Puerto Vallarta full of culture and tradition. It has two floors with 159 shops offering for sale to the public a wide variety of crafts, traditional clothes, jewelry and typical food of the country. Opened on 28 November 1979. The market boasts two murals that adorn the facade, " Mercado Típico y su Gente” and “La Iguana del Cuale” by the restorer Ernesto Garridos. Downstairs offer leather goods, sweets, silver jewelry, wooden toys, T-shirts with motifs Vallarta, hats, clothing blanket guayabera shirts, ponchos, swimwear and countless memories of the city, while the second floor you will swim in rich aromas of the delicious regional restaurants.


Small paradise found 10 km south of Puerto Vallarta. Once a small fishing community today has become a cozy escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its small bay gives way to the intimate and beautiful beach surrounded by jungle. On the beach you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes offered by small restaurants or hire a boat to visit the nearby beaches. Recognized internationally for being the scene of the film "The Night of the Iguana" which starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and then "Predator," starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Los Muertos Pier

Los Muertos Pier, also known as El Mirador is a modern and attractive architecture marvel situated next to Los Muertos beach on the boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta in the Romantic Zone. The pier, a little more than a hundred meters long into the sea, is a perfect place to walk and enjoy the spectacular sunsets on the bay. Opened in 2013 as part of the Comprehensive Plan for remodeling the historic center of Puerto Vallarta.

Los Arcos Marine Park

Popular ecological tour located less than 10 km south of Puerto Vallarta. It consists of tiny granite islands that protrude from the sea surface whose base have been eaten away by the waves giving them an arc shape. The highest arch is 25 meters high where even boats can pass under it. Los Arcos Marine Park is a favorite spot for snorkeling and diving because of the many caves and natural underwater tunnels. Another activity that visitors enjoy in the area is boat tours around the park.

Main Plaza (Plaza de Armas)

Nice little square adorned by a gazebo and beautiful trees and planters located in the center of Puerto Vallarta in front of the parish of Our Lady of Refuge. In the square stands the sculpture of Don Ignacio L. Vallarta, Jalisco remarkable jurist and former governor of Jalisco. Enjoy a nice evening with the family while the little ones play a small water fountain. Here concerts, cultural performances, art exhibitions and the traditional Danzon on Sundays after church take place. It is also center of the celebration for national holidays.

Viejo Vallarta "Romantic Zone"

Lovely area of Puerto Vallarta located passing the Cuale River. This area reflects the traditional style of a typical Mexican town with cobblestone streets and a peaceful atmosphere. The narrow streets are home to cafes, restaurants, shops, boutiques, art galleries and a variety of nightclubs near Los Muertos Beach.

Vallarta Zoo

Located in the small community of Mismaloya 10 km south of Puerto Vallarta. This exotic and lush rainforest is home to various species of animals like: macaws, iguanas, turtles, cats, monkeys, various birds and reptiles. The zoo has a small bar offering snacks like sandwiches, tacos, burritos, burgers, nuggets, chicken wings and meat.

Things to Do

Go to dinner

An important area of Puerto Vallarta as a tourist destination is its gastronomic sector, which has developed incredibly magnificent culinary offerings for all tastes and budgets and has even been named the Gourmet Beach City of Mexico. For simple tastes, the city is full of cute outdoor cafes, taverns and dinners; or if you prefer something more sophisticated, there are many excellent gourmet restaurants that offer delicious dishes.

Some gastronomic events that take place in the port are the Wine Fest in March and the Gourmet Festival every November bringing together chefs from around the world to create treats that will delight the palate of visitors.

Go to the beach

One of the important aspects of Puerto Vallarta is its crystal clear and warm beaches that offer recreational or resting places. Enjoy a romantic dinner, watch the sunset, take a walk, play a game of football or volleyball, go kayaking, rent aquatic motorcycle, skydiving, go swimming or fishing, go snorkeling; the options of activities you can do on the beach are endless. Some of the best beaches include: Playa Dorada, Mismaloya, Boca de Tomatlan, Las Animas and Yelapa.

Whale Watching

Do not miss the opportunity to see these majestic giants while visiting Puerto Vallarta. Each year, in the winter, humpback whales come to the warm waters of the Bay of Banderas. Hire a tour into the bay to observe these fascinating creatures personally. The tours are conducted in small boats, guided by expert biologists who will explain about the wonderful world of these huge mammals.

Bird watching

Due to its geographical location Puerto Vallarta is a great place for bird watching. This paradise has more than 350 species of birds, including aquatic, terrestrial and marine birds. Among the birds that can be seen are: The Chara green or the Chara of San Blas, the Mexican Cacique, Tropical Tirano, the gregarious Louis, masked Carpenter and coffee crowned Momoto. Hire a tour that will immerse you with nature around Puerto Vallarta while watching the birds in their natural habitat.


Puerto Vallarta is a city that never sleeps. You always find a variety of local and night to have a good time activities. A popular meeting point for young people is the boardwalk where you will find restaurants, live music, bars and nightclubs as well as evening entertainment outdoors. No matter if you are looking for dining, dancing, drinking or spend a romantic evening with your couple, Puerto Vallarta is for you. Some clubs and bars recommended: Xtine Disco, Zoo Bar & Dance, De Santos (Peninsula Square), La Vaquita, El Mariachi Loco, La Bodeguita del Medio.

Turtle Release

I witness the miracle of nature and start the cycle of life of these curious creatures. From July to December hotels like the Marriott CasaMagna, Fiesta Americana, Best Western Plus Suites, Westin Resort & Spa, Dreams, and Velas Vallarta conducted programed turtle release so that visitors to appreciate the miracle of nature. Take home everlasting memories by participating in the liberation of turtles. Be sure not to forget to confirm release dates with participating hotels.