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things to do in Quito - Art, Culture and Heritage

In its public spaces, galleries, museums, theatres and squares and streets of its historic center, artistic manifestations are part of the daily life of Quito. From colonial to contemporary art, through the theatrical works of classical and experimental character, in this city you breathe culture.

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things to do in Quito - Shopping

Quito will dazzle you with its wide variety of crafts and souvenirs, including textiles, ceramics, Panama hats, antiques, pieces made in tagua or silver and more. If you're here, take a gift to remember how well that went with us. Also in its modern shopping malls, you'll find top brands as in the large cities of the world.

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things to do in Quito - Sports and Adventure

Quito has many spaces and green areas where to practice traditional sports and ends. For example, you can do mountain biking in parks such as metropolitan South (with 750 hectares of virgin forests) or routes such as Chaquiñan, in Cumbayá. To make climbing, visit the climbing wall of the Vicentina in the resort city of Quito, where 19 m of pure adrenaline is waiting for you. And where do hiking and trekking? In parks such as La Carolina, the Metropolitan (North and South), El Ejido and Alameda.

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things to do in Quito - Ecotourism and Nature

Know any of the 46 ecosystems and habitats of the Ecuador is much easier from Quito. The capital is located in the heart of "The Avenue of the volcanoes", the two parallel lines of volcanoes that run through the spine of the Andes. On a clear day, if you upload to the cable car you can admire at least four peaks. Explore the paths through the Andes is a rewarding experience, you will discover amazing fields and charming rural worlds.

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things to do in Quito - Entertainment

Have ever you heard to say that no one sports such as Latin Americans? In Quito you will feel one of them, because not even knowing that temperature low when falling the Sun stop fun: with a coat will be enough to win the night and day you'll always have something new to do.

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things to do in Quito - Festivities and Holidays

Quito is a festive city with countless celebrations being held throughout the year in the city and its surroundings. In addition in various local and national holidays, the city that touches the sky has a wide cultural and tourist offer.

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things to do in Quito - Gastronomy

The Capital of Ecuadorians, retains a very own cuisine which includes a variety of dishes, some as old as the city; others brought from other regions of the globe; that you combine a fusion of stories, customs and tastes. In your jurisdiction, each village has a gastronomic specialty that attracts tourists and residents. Guayllabamba make "Locro", serving with avocado in the area; in Pomasqui make a delicious cuy and Nanegalito, excellent fries.

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things to do in Quito - Routes

Measured per square meter, Ecuador is the country most mega-diverse planet and Quito, with its geographical location, is a few hours of lush locations. From cold wasteland to warm subtropical forests, in this city you can access any of the 46 ecosystems and habitats in the country. Embedded in the heart of the Avenue of the volcanoes, Quito is comprised of two parallel lines of mountains and volcanoes - Ilaló, Pasochoa, Rumiñahui, Cotopaxi, Pichincha, Atacazo, heart and Ilinizas, - among others are separated by a narrow basin. And if you travel by cable car from Quito, on clear days, prepare your camera, because you can see at least four peaks.

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things to do in Quito - Nightlife

Nightlife in Quito is one of their best kept secrets. Some Ecuadoreans are surprised to know everything that happens after working hours in his own city. Tourists are always amazed by the amount of bars, clubs and concerts. Perhaps not the home of tango, merengue or salsa, but the Quito are given modes to make your city a very fun place. The largest movement is concentrated in the area of the Marshal, especially in the Foch Plaza and adjacent streets such as the Calama. The most nights of the week there are people outside and enjoying the evening or on weekends in the early hours of the morning.

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