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Can I Get Reservations?
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Yes, you'll have access to our extranet and get reservations at no charge commissions, On our website and in our travel guide app for ios and android smart phones and tablets, saving 15% to 40% commissions, which will increase your income by not having to pay those amounts on our reservation channel.
Where Will I Have Presence?
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In our portal, and our app guides in more than 65 cities throughout Latin America (Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru , Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina), Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza. We created a mini site your property with Booking Engine. Coming soon in other platforms
Reservations Can Be Made to My Establishment From Phones or Tablets?
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If you join us you will have our booking engine platform.
What Types of Companies Can Join the Tripper Travel Guide Network?
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All kinds of tourist companies or service provider, for example hotels, restaurants, events, sport fishing activities, golf, walks, parks, water sports, Cabins, Spa, Etc.
How Are You Going to Promote My Property?
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We're going to create a mini site of your establishment with all the information and pictures you provide, it will see all the people who have downloaded our guides, as well as in our portal. Additional to download our guide your sales staff and place your cell phone number can contact you via chat or our walkie talkie where they can answer your questions or take the reservation directly. Also to join our network you may find on our Augmented Reality Engine, which shows the places that are close to the user.
What is the Augmented Reality Engine?
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It is a device that shows the user all you have around a diameter of 2 kilometers around, in a radar in map and listing, as well as the distance found.
How Do You Help People To Find Me?
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We have an application both in our website and in the app guides showing you the route to be taken, for example from the airport to your establishment.
How I Can Upload Offers?
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Yes, you can upload offers which are published on the website and in the app.
What Can I Do to Promote My Destination?
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Tripper helps to promote the destination to offer all our visitors to download completely free app on iOS and Android for phones and tablets, where you know what the city offers and enjoy it. Discover The City, things to do, Restaurants, Transport, Real Estate, Accommodation, Motor Augmented Reality, events, groups and conventions, offers, or Historical Magic Towns near City, Tips, Car Rental, news, reviews, Routes Reservation of Travel Plan, Chat and walkie talkie, arriving tourists to your hotel you can provide this tool to download it, so that it can guide you in the city and so have the information in hand, the client will it thank you no longer have the need to bring a map in his hand, so you will never miss the same, which you can build loyalty and your establishment.