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"Land of Eternal Spring "

Guatemala is a sovereign state located in Central America, in its northwestern corner , with a large indigenous culture product of Mayan heritage and the Spanish influence during the colonial era. Its name in Nahuatl ( ' Quahtlemallan ' ) means "place of many trees " .

It has various entertainment spots , is a cosmopolitan city with the most modern of the Central American region , its great climatic variety is the product of its mountainous terrain ranging from sea level up to 4,220 meters above that level. The official language is Spanish , but there are twenty Mayan languages, Xinca and Garifuna language , the latter spoken by people of African descent in the Caribbean department of Izabal.


With the arrival of the Spanish in the region, the first historical documents in which is written the name of the country, are the letters of relationship that Pedro de Alvarado sent to Hernán Cortés in 1524. In the first known dated in the Utatlán April 11 of that year , Alvarado narrates his trip from Soconusco and Guatemala word is written three times. The second says Alvarado who left Utatlán and in two days arrived in Guatemala . This letter recounts his campaigns of conquest in Atitlán , Escuintla , the southeast coast and Cuscatlán and says he could not continue his business . Hernán Cortés also names the city of Guatemala , in his letter addressed to Charles V ratio , dated in Mexico on October 15 the same year 1524 .

In the nineteenth century , the Creoles of the Captaincy General of Guatemala gained independence from the Spanish Empire and renamed the Central American region which is ephemeral Federation annexed to the empire of Agustín de Iturbide in Mexico . After the separation of Mexico wars between conservatives and liberals, who were natives of lower category they were engaged in large-scale agriculture and lived in the rest of the Captaincy General began. The struggle between the two sides led to the disintegration of the Central American Federation , which emerged five republics of Central America , including Guatemala today .

The capital of Guatemala City was founded by Pedro de Alvarado in 1524 , which is the day of the feast of Santiago , so it was known as Santiago de los Caballeros of Guatemala , Santa Cecilia was also considered patron of the city , because 1526 kings " kakchikeles " revolted until they were finally submitted the day is celebrated to this saint of the Catholic Church.


To the west and north by Mexico , on the east by Belize, the Gulf of Honduras ( Caribbean Sea ) and the Republic of Honduras , El Salvador to the southeast and south by the Pacific Ocean . The country has an area of ​​108,889 square kilometers.


Guatemala has a wide variety of climates , due to its mountainous terrain ranging from sea level up to 4,220 meters above that level. The tropical location of Guatemala does not allow accurately marked four seasons in the year, as in the countries north or south of the line of Ecuador . Actually , the seasons are reduced to two : the wet , which is called winter (May to October) and dry , which is known as summer (November to April )


The cuisine of Guatemala contains a huge inventory of traditional dishes and has a large share of soups , stews , sausages , fried , stews , casseroles , juices, errands , dried, preserved , gruel , boiled , sweet and sour dishes , the recipes vary in the complexity in the preparation and availability of ingredients.

This green beef broth chicken with potatoes and a vegetable called chayote (elsewhere Chayote ) color is that used miltomate ( in Mexico " Tomatillo " ) a variety of tomato is green and slightly acid and having an envelope or shell dried mature and must be removed for use .

It is a traditional Guatemalan origin Kaqchiquel stew , typical of the town of Chimaltenango. Its origin is served in pre-Hispanic and Mayan religious ceremonies. It may be beef , pork, chicken or a mixture of them.

Kak ik
It is a turkey soup typical of Guatemalan cuisine . It is a pre-Hispanic food . The name is of Mayan origin : words derived from the Q'eqchi ' kak (red) and ik (hot or very hot) . In 2007 it was declared part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation

Frijoles con Chicharrón
Beans with pork crackling is a mixture of beans with pork crackling  and seasoned with different spices and typically eaten with tortilla and cooked rice


Guatemala 's economy is typical of a developing country , constituting the largest economy in Central America, and the ninth in Latin America. It is dominated by the private sector, which generates about 85 % of gross domestic product . Agriculture contributes 23% of GDP and accounts for 75 % of exports . Most manufacturing is light assembly and food processing , aimed at domestic markets of the United States and Central America . During past years, tourism and exports of textiles and non-traditional agricultural products such as winter vegetables , fruits and flowers they have increased, while more traditional exports such as sugar , bananas and coffee, is leading exporter of Chinese peas , fifth and seventh sugar gourmet coffee still represent a large portion of the export market .

Places of interest

Playa Blanca in Izabal

A true paradise. It is a quiet beach with white sand found in the department of Izabal , a few minutes by boat from Rio Dulce.

Pacaya Volcano

On the outskirts of the capital city , this volcano allows , with a rise of low difficulty , enjoy the spectacle of fumaroles and sometimes lava flows.

Lachuá Lagoon

Located north of Alta Verapaz , its natural beauty has earned it the name " Heaven's Mirror " . A natural sanctuary that still has its characteristic peace.

Tikal Archeological Park

Cradle of the Mayan culture. Here are the majestic temples , Mayan pyramids they built in the past. The place is surrounded by an impressive forest. It is located in the department of Peten.

The Old Guatemala

As its name suggests, is precisely the old guatemala, where was the capital of the kingdom in the times of the Spanish colony. Its beauty is stunning , as if time had stood still , retaining architectural details of the time.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is recognized by travelers as an immensity of the most beautiful in the world . Located in the department of Solola, it offers a spectacular view and atmosphere, surrounded by three majestic volcanoes.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is recognized by travelers as an immensity of the most beautiful in the world . Located in the department of Solola, it offers a spectacular view and atmosphere, surrounded by three majestic volcanoes.


In the department of Quiché , you can find a handicrafts market rich in variety, also , Cerro Pascual Abaj , where you can observe ancient rituals of ancient traditions.

Agua Volcano

Located near La Antigua Guatemala offers the opportunity to ascend to the 3.722 meters above the camera to see the city and the coastline. Its almost perfect shape make it a geographic icon Guatemala


It is the highest point in Guatemala that is not a volcano. The nature and environment enjoyed in the place is impressive and offers an unparalleled view of the top of a large number of volcanoes . The landscapes of the place does not compare with any region of Guatemala . It is located in the department of Huehuetenango.

Castillo de San Felipe de Lara

Located in Rio Dulce, Izabal department , it is a historic old military structure . It is preserved in excellent condition and was a post of maritime surveillance .

Semuc Champey

In Alta Verapaz , this place holds a surprising natural beauty. A river that lies between rock and leaves behind a series of clear and peaceful pools to swim and cool off is a privilege.