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things to do in Tijuana - Aquatic Activities

Whether your passion is oriented to sport fishing, surfing, scuba diving or whale watching, the Todos Santos Bay is a horizon over the sea to discover. There are multiple operators that can help you to organize your trip. In Tijuana, you will find magnificent natural sceneries, almost secret where you can practice the art of fishing, while enjoying the attractions and services of different destinations. Its waters is a temptation for fans of this sport, who can obtain excellent examples of groupers, mackerel, Grouper, croakers, breastplates of the Pacific, Golden tuna, among others. To protect the large number of exotic species that exist in the sea of Cortez, the authorities have implemented the catch and release program. The boats depart from numerous piers located between Tijuana and Ensenada.

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things to do in Tijuana - Sports Activities

Durango as well as being a highly attractive destination for its large historical center, also has great scenic attractions and therefore a lot of options for adventure and extreme sports tourism thanks to its rugged geography, with mountains, deserts, valleys, lakes, rivers, deep ravines and canyons. Tijuana is also home to major sports venues such as the stadium Caliente, home of the Tijuana Club in first division Mexican soccer, the National baseball Stadium and home of los Toros de Tijuana in the Northern League of Mexico. Also is the birthplace of sportsman of the likes of Esteban Loaiza (great baseball player), Fernando Arce player of the Cholos of Tijuana (a part of the Mexican national soccer team at one point) and Rey Misterio Jr. Idol of quadrilaterals.

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things to do in Tijuana - Go Shopping

If you already are in Tijuana, you can enjoy your stay while going shopping in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the more modern plazas and malls. Places like the Plaza Mundo Divertido is a place where you can go shopping or just have fun with your family or partner, you will find everything; from restaurants, cafes, bowling, video games, mini-Golf, go-karts, and many other things, The plaza Río Tijuana, considered the plaza more important of Tijuana. Visit its large department stores, where you will find clothes, shoes, perfumeries and import items. Also, enjoy its different cafés and restaurants where you will find from traditional Mexican food, to exotic international dishes. Places like these and many others make shopping in Tijuana a pleasant experience.

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things to do in Tijuana - Business

The opportunities of doing business in Tijuana are plentiful; one of the reasons is that it is in the Northwest corner of Mexico. The city is connected to the Pacific basin, and with immediate access to San Diego and California. Tijuana is one of the main industrial cities of Mexico with a growing manufacturing field. Since some time now, it has been the home of companies manufacturing world class such as Panasonic, Samsung, Toyota and many more. Today, Tijuana is on a path to innovation driven by the productive capital of Latin America, with significant opportunities to supply chain. Today, Tijuana has a major presence in medical devices, aerospace industries and electronics companies of world renown.

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things to do in Tijuana - Family Fun

Known as the "most visited border of the world", Tijuana invites you to enjoy and discover the wide variety of attractions and activities. Walk along Revolution Avenue full of colors and flavors, dinner at the dazzling River area and enjoy its extraordinary restaurants. Stay in one of the great hotels and enjoy the warmth and friendliness of its people Here you will find various forms of entertainment and fun, to make your stay more pleasant. Tijuana has hotels, restaurants, golf courses and much more. You can also take your children to a circus like the famous Rolex circus, or have fun in the theme park, Mundo Divertido, a place full of fun as videogames, mini-golf, rides and lots of fun activities. Both located on the East side of the city and just 10 minutes from river zone.

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things to do in Tijuana - Cultural walks

Known as "The gate of Mexico", the city of Tijuana is one of the important cultural epicenters of the North of the country, combining a past full of traditions with a clear modernity in the last 50 years has bet by its support for their artistic expression and creation of cultural goods and services to its citizens and visitors. Tijuana has an interesting cultural offer which stands out at the national level, with excellent musicians, painters, actors, theatre, opera, photography, performance, dance, and much more. In Tijuana, there are several places where cultural events, shows, concerts, readings, lectures, etc. are held. Tijuana has excellent restaurants, racetracks, casinos, beach, cinemas, museums, galleries, festivals, etc. There are sports betting bars, casinos, a Museum of wax, more than 5 large movie theaters, shopping malls, many alternative cultural centers, libraries, cafes, billiards, parks, attractions family rides, and permanent exhibitions.

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things to do in Tijuana - To eat

The aromas and flavors of the Tijuana gastronomy, is the result of the fusion of elements and techniques of Mexican cuisine with Mediterranean ingredients. Among the traditional dishes, you can taste the Tijuana style taco, stuffed with meat and wrapped in a corn tortilla that gives a unique cone shape. It is served accompanied with avocado and spicy sauce. But without a doubt, the best known dish not only local but internationally is the famous "Caesar salad", a delicious blend of lettuce dressed with an exquisite dressing made with egg, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. This salad was invented in a Tijuana restaurant by Italian-born Mexican chef Caesar Cardini in the 1920's. Due to its proximity with the State of California (United States) in this border town, it is possible to get the best ingredients in the world, becoming an international gourmet Center.

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things to do in Tijuana - Nightlife

Life in the vibrant city of Tijuana continues after sunset. The streets are lit at nightfall and nightlife makes its appearance. Tijuana has great options for you if you are looking for is dancing, singing, or simply hang out. Enjoy a beer at heights up to sing on Karaoke nights at one of the bars in the city. Tijuana boasts the best centers of fun for all tastes, from bars with live music, nightclubs and casinos that will make your evening unforgettable. The famous Revolution Avenue concentrates many of these places, which make it an overnight party that continues until practically the sun rises.

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