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Saltillo, Coahuila

Welcome to the "World Capital of Zarape"

Coahuila is a modern city with 435 years of colonial history and the state capital of Coahuila, Mexico. It has 823.128 inhabitants living in an area of 218 km 2. Chosen as the best city to invest in Latin America in 2013 by the British newspaper The Financial Times. Its Road infrastructure is developed which facilitates the movement of people and products anywhere in the city. Tourists will find a beautiful urban city and newly remodeled historic center full of history, culture and great buildings of government, religion, society and culture. A place of departure for a tour through the historic center of Saltillo is the Plaza de Armas. Despite its developed industrial sector, Saltillo has retained its essence. You can find the inhabitants wearing traditional blanket and sellers of traditional pulque pal around town. 



The name Saltillo relates to a small waterfall that flowed in an area very close to the current waterspout, a place where the town of Santiago del Saltillo was founded. It is up until 1567 when the first explorers arrived to the valley of Saltillo, Alberto del Canto, Portuguese, who is credited with the founding of Saltillo, and Luis de Carvajal who founded some villages of Nuevo Leon. The official story says that the town of Saltillo was founded on July 25 of 1577 by Captain Alberto del Canto, but there is some evidence that in the years of 1573 and 1578 the place had already been discovered and even had done some previous foundation. Its first population boost came in 1591 with the arrival of 65 tlaxcaltecas families to the Valley Saltillo, mostly young people.



The tourist attraction of Saltillo can be credited to the strong performance of its automotive industry located mainly in the municipality of Ramos Arizpe. Ramos Arizpe has one of the largest automotive cluster in Mexico in which you can find plants like Grupo Industrial Saltillo, General Motors, Fiat Group, Chrysler, Daimler, Freightliner, Delphi, Nemak, Plastic Omnium, Magna among others. The investment of national and international companies have benefited the economy of Saltillo by having built their plants close to suppliers which resulted in significant logistics benefits between the companies. 


Saltillo is located between the mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental in the southeast region of the state of Coahuila in northern Mexico 400 km south of the border with Texas, USA, 89 km southwest of Monterrey, 248 km east of Torreón and 846 km northwest of Mexico City. Its altitude is 1,600 meters above sea level.



The climate of the city of Saltillo is temperate, semi-dry, with the presence of little rainfall in summer. The average temperature of the city is 17 ° C, the maximum annual temperature is 27 ° C with a minimum annual temperature of 9 ° C. Winter temperatures are often very extreme with temperatures dropping below 0 ° C due to cold fronts from the north. In recent years there has been snow on several occasions during these years include: 1967, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2010, 2013 and 2014.




Festivities in Saltillo

August: Feast of the Santo Cristo de la Capilla 

Is one of the biggest festivals of faith in Saltillo where devotees of the Santo Cristo de la Capilla show their admiration and respect. Festivities begin with las mañanitas to the saint in the morning and mass during the day. September:



Feast of Christ of Ojo De Agua 

It is a religious celebration that takes place around the Christ Church of Ojo de Agua located on top of a hill where a small spring begins. On the second Sunday of September, hundreds of parishioners and visitors gather to pray to the Christ of Ojo de Agua.


15 and September 16: Independence Festivities 

During the day civic events are held and performances of musical groups. At night thousands of Saltillo congregate in the Plaza de Armas to hear the traditional Grito de Dolores.


1 and November 2: Day of the Dead 

During these days the city of Saltillo is full of skulls, altars and catrinas in celebration of Day of the Dead. Institutions, schools and libraries among others are part of this celebration. October: Fiesta de San Francisco Day of tradition, faith and the popular fair to celebrate the saint San Francisco de Asis. Saltillo becomes party and closed the streets for the traditional fair.


December 12: Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe 

Thousands of faithful and pilgrims gather at the Shrine of Guadalupe to celebrate the most important and beloved religious figure in Mexico, the Virgin of Guadalupe. There will be dances, food, masses and sale of religious items throughout the city.




Places of interest

Alameda Zaragoza

One of the most important parks of the city, just 500 meters from the Plaza de Armas where you can walk around their walkways enjoying the shade of the trees and historical details, such as the Central Library of the Alameda, a monument of Carranza Venustiano Carranza, the statue of Miguel Hidalgo and the Column of Independence. Visitors will also enjoy the playground and free wireless Internet access.



Ateneo Fuente

It is oldest institution of higher secondary education in the state located in the city of Saltillo, founded in 1967. The building shows an Art-Deco style architecture of the time. Houses the Museum of Natural History, a room of colonial art, murals by Salvador Toscano and Miguel Santana and a gallery of Mexican art with a magnificent collection of works by great painters. Ateneo is named for the nickname that was given to Saltillo in the twentieth century for its promotion of the arts and science. The second name refers to the town founder, Juan Antonio de la Fuente.



Cathedral of Santiago

On one side of the Main Square is this beautiful and imposing cathedral with three bodies of baroque style built in 1745 and fully completed in 1897. Undoubtedly, one of the most impressive pieces of the Cathedral of Santiago and seen by all the inhabitants of Saltillo is its great 81 meters high tower (the tallest cathedral in the north) topped by an iron cross. Inside you can appreciate 45 oil paintings, mostly from the colonial era, among them "La Sagrada Familia" and an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the work of Jose de Alcíbar.




Monterreal Forest

Stunning forest located 60 km from Saltillo where visitors spend a quiet stay in connection with nature. The forest counts with cottages of different sizes and a variety of activities for the whole family like: Track skiing with qualified instructors, nine hole golf course, tennis and basketball, gym, quad tours, abseiling and more.



Desert Museum

Located within the Parque Las Maravillas. Inside the museum you will find historical treasures and cultures of the second largest ecosystem in the country, the desert. General admission $ 90.



Mummy Museum

San Antonio De Las Alazanas In the small village of San Antonio de Las Alazana, south of Forest Monterreal you find this particular museum displaying five mummies found in the cemetery of San Antonio Alanzanas late nineteenth century. The museum also contains objects about the history and culture of the cuahuiltecos and huachichiles, and history of the town.



Paleontological Museum of Rincón Colorado

Located in the small community of Rincon Colorado in General Cepeda, Coahuila in an area known as the Valley of the Dinosaurs at the site where the first Mexican dinosaur skeleton was found: Isauria. Within your room you can see a lot of fossils mostly found in the state of Coahuila.



Government palace

Imposing neoclassical style building with a pink stone facade and beautiful balconies originally built in 1808. It is located in the historic center of Saltillo right next to the main square. It houses various rooms, paintings and murals by Salvador Tarazona, made in 1929, and Salvador Almaraz from 1979.



Plaza de Armas

Right in the heart of the city of Saltillo is a warm meeting point full of history and beauty. Visitors can admire the surrounding buildings full of splendor and adorned with the fountain of the Nymphs, forming together a clear example of the saltillense identity. Other prominent buildings in the square are: the Coahuila Institute of Culture, Saltillo Casino, Government Palace, the Cathedral of St. James and the Purcell house among others.



Parque Las Maravillas

Great and beautiful park of leisure that serves as the setting for the presentation of a number of celebrities. It has green areas, playgrounds, squares and fountains. It is the second largest park in the city, which makes it a nice place for family living. Inside you will find the Auditorium Park de las Maravillas and the Desert Museum.



Santuario de Guadalupe

Gothic sanctuary built in the late 1890s and only of its kind in the north. This architectural gem shows devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Its facade highlights their pendants and structures of which sit imposing towers over the city. Considered one of the most important in Saltillo. Its interior boasts 46 colorful stained glass panels, the same number of stars in the mantle of the Virgin and a majestic painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe, original work of Gonzalo Carrasco, called "Painter Apostle."



Temple of San Juan Nepomuceno

Located two blocks south of the cathedral of Santiago Apostil, next to the Museum of the Birds of Mexico. This imposing neoclassical temple was completed in 1779 and funded by religious of the Society of Jesus at the end of the last century is located. Its interior preserves valuable paintings and stained glass of the exceptional collection of eighteenth century paintings made by religious of the Society of Jesus.