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Guerrero, México.


The name comes from the ancient Nahuatl Ixtapa Iztal, pa, 'salt or white, en''Lugar'. Ixtapa is a resort town in the state of Guerrero, known as Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, both cities complement each other (Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo), separated only by a distance of 6500 meters.
Known as a fishing town, it is very common to find restaurants with seafood.



Something to brag about Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is its large number of high quality hotels, many set in perfect tourist areas and especially on beaches or failing feature luxurious pools, where you can make the most of this great city. Commonly you will find restaurants on the beaches (and hotels), to have a nice view, where children can be entertained while adults enjoy drinks and chatting.



Ixtapa Beaches


Main beach

Also it is known as the (Municipal Beach or Playa del Puerto). It is located in front of the center of Zihuatanejo. At the end is the Municipal Wharf where you can hire a boat to go for a walk or fishing. At the other end you find the Archeological Museum of the Costa Grande. Its proximity to the pier and no boat traffic makes it the best place to go swimming. if you are a fish lover, this is the place for you. The fishing boats in the area sell fresh fish at good prices.


Playa La Ropa

The main beach in Ixtapa to go swimming and water sports. With an area of 1.5 kilometers of quiet waves, the family beach is perfect for novice swimmers. It also has several rich restaurants and bars in the area.


Playa las Gatas

This beach is perfect for surfing and snorkeling to see the turtles, and you can find restaurants with seafood, such as fish tacos which are delicious. At the bottom of this beach a majestic monument called "Rey de Redes", which has a height of meters and represents Christ . This is submerged since 2007.


Playa Contramar

The ideal place to go diving and see the coral and rock formations in the sea (Look for the tunnel) . The beach is colorful and majestic from thousands of small stones polished by waves through the years. There aren't restaurants in the area, you should bring food if you plan to spend the afternoon here.


Playa La Madera

Walk from the Main Beach walkway with view of the bay to reach this beach. The beach is sandy and perfect waves for body surfing. Enjoy a sea view in one of the restaurants or palapas on the beach with Mexican music playing almost every day.


Isla Ixtapa

Near the hotel zone, here you can do horseback riding and it has restaurants where you can easily relax, in addition to activities such as swimming, surfing and fishing.




Attractions and entertainment



A beautiful walk which connects the city to the area beaches.


Archaeological Museum La Costa Grande

Here you can find evidence and testimonies of the first settlements in the states of Guerrero. It has 6 meeting where various crafts show, which should not be missed.


Country Club

A good game of golf is always relaxing and stimulating.


Mundo Mágico Acuaparque

Water park for the whole family, with restaurants; a perfect place for children and their parents .

Delfiniti Ixtapa: Swimming with dolphins is a very unique and exciting experience. It has professionals in charge of dolphins, events and visitors.




Annual Festival Vela Zihua

The city holds an annual festival called the Vela Zihua Annual Festival, which raises funds for the education of disadvantaged children in Zihuatanejo. The six-day event full of games and fun takes place in February with the participation of more than 100 boats, some from as far away as Alaska and the Caribbean. The events include festivals, concerts, auctions and racing sailboats, chili cook and street fairs. With the support of the community and foundations, the event grossed $ 1,109,575 pesos in 2014 on benefits to children and schools.


International Guitar Festival

Another festival is the International Guitar Festival Zihuatanejo which takes place in March. During a week of every kind artists perform at events in several places every night. There will be free entertainment for children. This festival began in 2004 and has been a big hit for locals and tourists and probably will be present for many years more.


Night life

Besides the typical bars to hang out, Ixtapa has restaurants-bar near the beach, very comfortable and pleasant for tourists. The people here are very lively, so anywhere whether clubs, bar or a sports bar will make you feel like a part of the town.

Some of these bars are in hotels, which can be