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things to do in Cuernavaca - Athletics

Athletics in Cuernavaca is in effect each year with the traditional Rover Scout Marathon which ends with 42KM on the centenary stadium, and starts in the Monument Caminero in Tlalpan. It is a challenging mountain race organized by the Scouts of Mexico, it will have 2 distances with one goal in Tres Marias (31 Km) and the other in Cuernavaca. It is advisable to carry your own supply, hydration and food (dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, glucose gel, nothing complicated), something for ankle sprains and pay close attention to the signs on the road, usually a strip of true color.

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things to do in Cuernavaca - Carnival

The party is an element that is always present in Morelos. Their celebrations full of color and joy are linked to traditions and religious customs mostly. A celebration of great importance in Morelos each region are characterized by containing carnivals ethnic, historical and popular beliefs, attributes that surround the Mexican soul, plus year to attract visitors interested in culture and cuisine features. Cuernavaca, Tlayacapan, Tepoztlan and Yautepec, are the main towns year after year put special effort in organizing and holding its carnival, which include a peculiar element: chinelo characters who derisively refer to the Spaniards in the colonial era in Mexico.

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things to do in Cuernavaca - cycling

This activity uses the technology of a modern bike to enjoy nature and speed runs of fields, forests, plains and mountains. All your senses are on the skill of management as simple as cycling apparatus, and in turn, your five senses also realize that you are surrounded by beautiful countryside.

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things to do in Cuernavaca - Beach Club

Lake Tequesquitengo is, in itself, one of the main destinations our state. On its banks have built hotels, farms and centers entertainment of various kinds, but only one stands out for its originality, beauty and functionality. The Beach Ejidal Xoxocotla is an ecotourism and reforestation project in which involving both the Federal government and the State, with direct intervention Xoxocotla indigenous community. Thanks to the work of this community, the center has developed to form a traditional garden, which seeks to preserve the flora Local, while the visitor has the opportunity to observe and learn about species endemic characteristic of the deciduous forest. Arriving is obtained from the top, a wonderful view of the lake.

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things to do in Cuernavaca - Extreme Sports

Come to Cuernavaca and in receipt of the wide variety of extreme sports that are practiced in this region, from the lagoon called flyboard Tequesquitengo, which comprises a team that gets a lot of water pressure coming out guns-driven adapters subject to your feet and arms, the enormous pressure causes water to come out fired into the air. Or if you prefer thrills, skydiving is your best choice for a fun look and balance 13 000ft high.

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things to do in Cuernavaca - Golf

The exuberant nature, fresh air and beautiful weather, make Santa Fe Social Golf Club is unique for its beauty and its degree of difficulty, a challenge for the experienced player, also providing other recreational activities in an atmosphere of wholesome entertainment with amenities and services of an exclusive club. The place has a field of practice to start with a good workout before any tournament any competitive activity, has a clubhouse, lockes, a semi-Olympic swimming pool, ample parking, Turkish bath and sauna, a professor of golf, 11 tennis court, gym, restaurant bar and dressing.

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things to do in Cuernavaca - Nightlife

After a day of travel, there is no better culmination of the day, at nightfall Morelos and enjoy dressing light and sound to deliver an intense nightlife, starting with dinner at any of the great restaurants that offer a wide range international and national dishes. You can not miss a visit to one of the many bars where fun and good atmosphere will heat at the beginning of the night. And finally, a good time rhythm, atmosphere and fun at some of their prestigious clubs.

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