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Puerto Escondido is a city and Mexican port state of Oaxaca. It is located about 800 km southeast of Mexico City and 290 km from the capital, Oaxaca, between Acapulco and Huatulco, in the coastal region. t has a warm humid climate and an average temperature of 27° C. It is a place visited all seasons of the year.

The area which is now Puerto Escondido was not inhabited in ancient times and during the colony. However, the bay was known as " Bay of the Hidden Woman" and later as "Hidden Bay" (Puerto Escondido).

There is a legend that the pirate Andrew Drake, in his ship anchored in the bay when the area was completely deserted, to rest for a few days without being disturbed by the colonial authorities.

Weeks before, he and his crew kidnapped a young Mixtec from the village in what is now Huatulco and took her with them to this place. However, the woman managed to escape from the cabin in which she was held and jumped overboard to reach the shore. The pirates tried to find her, but were unsuccessful.  His men never found why it is said that this bay was named "Hidden".




Puerto Escondido is located on the coast of Oaxaca, 800 km south of Mexico City and 290 kms of the capital, Oaxaca.
The city has about 40,000 inhabitants. Its infrastructure is mostly tourist, but also serves as a commercial center and storage area off the coast of Oaxaca.

It has the typical atmosphere of a beach resort. During the summer, temperatures vary between 27° C and 32° C with moderate to heavy rains. The hottest months are from May to October. The winter months are the coolest with temperatures ranging between 18° C to 27° C with rains sparingly.

The economy is based mainly on tourism and fishing, and to a lesser extent, trade. It has a mooring of fishing boats and a harbor. Coconuts, papayas, lemons, mangos and watermelons are grown.

Thanks to constant population growth, large investors have settled in this region, which has generated great economic progress by creating jobs for coastal residents.

The cuisine of Puerto Escondido is based mainly on seafood dishes, typical dishes of the cuisine of Oaxaca are also included:

Fish a la talla: it is a whole fish, red snapper mainly, bathed with a guajillo chili sauce to be cooked on the grill. It served with fresh salad and rice.

Tlayuda: Large size tortilla typical of Oaxacan cuisine. It can be served with different dishes, such as beef, jerky, dried beef or pork rinds

Chapulín Tacos: Tacos toped with roasted grasshoppers. They are eaten with lemon and sauce of your choice.

Tichinda Tamales: Traditional Oaxacan tamales filled with a type of mollusk snail called tichinda.

Mezcal: A Mexican alcoholic beverage obtained from the distillation of the leaves of agave. It is dry and strong flavor, usually accompanied with maguey worms and lemon.

Wardrobe of Puerto Escondido
This town did not have a representative costume, even though this place is host to the Coastal Dance Festival that takes place in November, in which the population was only a spectator.

Shini Costeños Association Ñuu (Village Head) for its name in Mixtec contributed to find the typical costume and evening dress, by carrying a contest to participate in the creation of these costumes. The jury was made up of people with roots in the community, which selected the costume of the Paraguito, being the third place the one that was preferred by the town and was decided to make it the evening dress of the town.


Carnival Coast
This celebration is being adapted, to try to strengthen tourism and contribute to new customs being taken in with the arrival of new settlers. The activities of this celebration include: the lection of the queen of the carnival, floats, costumes, food stands and national artists submissions that helps the spread of this celebration.

Candles Isthmus Puerto Escondido
It is an annual tradition in with the significant presence of native Panamanians who make up part of this society, have made this festival one of the most organized in the coast of Oaxaca.
Since November 2011, more events were held than in previous years, making the whole month off holiday, starting from the first day with the traditional calenda and continuing with various events such as: national folklore, extreme sport, concerts, cultural flea markets, competition, food fairs, not to mention the already traditional surfing and fishing tournament sailfish.

Places of interest

The Adoquín

It was the first paved street in the city, is now a venue in which you can find buskers that liven up the atmosphere, craftsmen that offer their best products and restaurants with the best dishes of the region. During the night the vehicular traffic is closed, giving the best time to go to enjoy all that offers this magnificent place.

Playa Zicatela

One of the beaches of Puerto Escondido famous for its celebrations of World Championships of surfing and bodyboarding, gathering the best surfers at national and international level. This indicates the size of the wave of this beach, it is also a wonderful place to go fishing, or just enjoy the sun and the spectacular views.

Laguna De Manialtepec

Here you can enjoy a boat ride to observe various species of flora and fauna that inhabits it. You can also enjoy a splendid pass by kayak or boat between May and November thanks to the higher water level due to rain in the region. On your walk you can see birds such as herons, ducks, parrots, among others.

Playa Carrizalillo

For most it is the best beach because of its small size, which you can access just walking, which contains a clean environment and gentle surf. You reach it by doing down a stone staircase. A unlikely place to find vendors, making your visit more enjoyable, it is perfect to escape the noise pollution with some tourist services.