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things to do in Puerto Escondido - Scuba Diving

It takes place mostly in places where the surf is calm, offering a beautiful variety of colorful fish and also with abundance of pearl oysters, lobsters, parrotfish, moray eels and manta rays. There are also rocky coral reef with soft corals worth visiting. Carrizalillo is one of the beaches for this activity.

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things to do in Puerto Escondido - Enjoy your food

Generally Oaxaca is famous worldwide for its vast gastronomy. Puerto Escondido it is also for its delicious seafood based dishes, but there are also typical food of excellence, so there are tastes for everyone and even salads for vegetarians, so do not worry about eating, there are choices for everyone.

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things to do in Puerto Escondido - Sport fishing

Puerto Escondido is an excellent place for sport fishing; among the most common species for this practice is the sailfish, marlin, tuna and dorado. International competitions are held in the months of February and November, the atmosphere is better as it is done within the framework of the Festival of November.

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things to do in Puerto Escondido - Surfing and Body Boarding

In most of the beaches of Puerto Escondido, you can check the enormous influence of the sport on the local youth. The imposing Zicatela beach is considered among the three best beaches ideal for this sport, the quality of its waves worldwide that sometimes reach 6 meters.

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things to do in Puerto Escondido - Tour to Lagoon Manialtepe

For anyone interested in birds or who simply enjoy nature, Manialtepec Lagoon offers the most beautiful landscapes. The lagoon is surrounded by mangroves which harbor a variety of migratory birds such as (pink spoon, the jacana, herons and ibis), along with a wide variety of aquatic vegetation by all channels.

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things to do in Puerto Escondido - Bay Tours

Enjoy recreational trips around the main beaches of the area and the species of ridley turtles. With a little luck dolphins and whales are often seen passing through the area. The boats offer all the safety onboard: Lifejackets, GPS, radio and in general with the specifications set by the Port Authority.

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