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things to do in Oaxaca - Art and Culture

rolific cradle of Mexican art and culture, Oaxaca is a paradise where shapes, colors and aromas of the prehispanic Mexico merge with modernity in every aspect of daily life. The beautiful black clay jars, multicolored textiles that leave their looms and exotic alebrije are conceived in the mind of its creator are just some examples of the wide variety of quality handicrafts that are produced on their land.

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things to do in Oaxaca - Stadiums

The Stages of Oaxaca where you can see various sporting events, art events, etc.

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things to do in Oaxaca - Oaxacan cuisine

Oaxaca is distinguished by preserving the traditions alive in its people, their homes, their festivals and cuisine. Entering the world of gastronomy of this entity is to enter a strange world for its diversity and coherence. Gastronomic culture incorporated elements from pre-Hispanic survivors kitchen and made them themselves, as well as the processes and the preference for local products.

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things to do in Oaxaca - Nightlife

Oaxaca loves music and there are numerous places to enjoy different types of music. In Oaxaca nightlife is maybe a little softer than in other Mexican cities, but has a diversity that will satisfy the desires of most travelers. Discos, clubs, salsa, jazz and piano bars, extravagant shows the Guelaguetza combined with many restaurants featuring live music are all yours, enjoy them in Oaxaca.

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