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things to do in Puebla - Art and Tradition

The State of Puebla is rich in sites of art and cultural areas that should not be missed; both within the State capital Puebla you can find a vast selection of places that will be pleasant for you. The city of Puebla is currently world heritage of the United Nations Organization for education, science and culture (UNESCO); a city with sites and monuments with universal value that we receive from the past, live in the present and pass on to future generations

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things to do in Puebla - City of the Museums

Puebla is one of the richest cities in museums and galleries in the country. Therefore, here we present a list with the best options of cultural enclosures that the "city of Angels", has for you.

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things to do in Puebla - Entertainment

The city of Puebla contains the best places for family entertainment; historical sites full of ancient history or mountainous landscapes without equal, that visitors can enjoy in thousands of ways, from the simplest ride more challenging activities. Widely recommended for children and the family are Agua Azul and the African Safari Park Zoo.

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things to do in Puebla - Historical Places

The greatest cultural and historic wealth of Puebla is its architecture of various styles and techniques: Baroque, Renaissance and classic. The beauty of its more than 5,000 buildings earned you the city be listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. The city is made up of beautiful buildings that are up to date, impressive samples of Baroque. Adorned with beautiful ornaments everywhere, making the historic center in a colorful place worth to travel from end to end, knowing its countless museums, convents, churches and shrines. Some of the most representative museums are: the Amparo Museum, the Museum of religious art, the Museum of colonial art and the beautiful Museum. And for the younger members of the family, the imagine Museum is the perfect place to learn while having fun.

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things to do in Puebla - Religious Heritage Guide

The religious heritage is made up of goods whose materiality and message said the faith of the community who have made them. For this reason, they are also of cultural and artistic interest.

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things to do in Puebla - Cultural y Touristic Tours

Puebla is one of the best colonial Mexico destinations. If you want to know this gem, we recommend escape to the tourist routes.

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things to do in Puebla - NightLife

The concern in the town of Puebla joins trova and Bohemian encounters in old houses. One of the recommended sites is the District of the toads that night takes on a festive atmosphere. This place has very ancient Cellars as La Pasita, offering his traditional drink, which bears the same name, which consists of Raisin liqueur served with a small portion of cheese and dried fruit. In the Center of the capital there are several discos and bars where you can taste a variety of tequilas. the oddest thing is that the historical issue is reflected in the names of the sites, their facades or decoration, example of this is the leakage of Don Porfirio bar.

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