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Mazatlan Gastronomy


The city of Mazatlán offers a cuisine based on the flavors of the sea , being a beach town you can enjoy the freshest seafood favoring preparing dishes like ceviches , cocktails and shaken well as the famous Aguachile.

But not only find seafood, as local cuisine offers a lot of variety for all tastes . It's easy to find places to enjoy international cuisine , Japanese, Chinese , fast , vegetarian food , Mexican food , meats and a variety of taco with their own specialties , is a matter of venturing through the streets of this beautiful city.

Drinks in the city are as varied as the tastes of visitors, as you can find a huge variety of fresh water as horchata , barley, coconut, called CocoHorchata and Tejuino ; good wines and of course, a great variety of beers, in which the best known is the local beer called Beer Pacific has its factory in the port . Another well-known in the region drink is a drink vanilla flavor called " tonicol " .

Among the sweets you can taste the coconut candies , jamoncillos , blackcap and soft white marshmallows with coconut made ​​in the region . In addition , all the variety in cuisine , finally can taste delicious carafe scrapes snow and where you find everything from traditional to unusual flavors , such as scraping snow plum and cheesecake or blueberry yogurt.

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