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Historical Center
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Dare to explore every corner of the Historic Center of Mazatlan, imagine surrounded by 19th century buildings walking between streets that were inhabited by the first settlers of the city, and know our battles, our achievements and our riches.

Even though Mazatlan Sinaloa is a famous beach destination in Mexico, it not only has beaches and attractions to offer but also is full of history. This place is also known as the old Mazatlan, because much of the original structures remain intact and faithfully retained the architecture style of the beginnings of the port. The culture is seen and felt in all corners of the Historic Center of Mazatlan, that`s why its considered national heritage since 2001. You will have the great opportunity to walk among its colorful streets and alleys, where you will feel that traveled back in time.

Explore the Historic Center

Machado Square

Machado square is one of the most important places in the historic center. It is a meeting place full of culture and music in the numerous festivities held here all year like the beginning of the celebration of the day of the dead and stage for many small live concerts surrounded by delicious restaurants serving international and traditional Mexican food, along with cafes and bars.

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Angela Peralta Theater

Inaugurated on February 15, 1874 under the initial name of Theater Rubio after the owner although officially opened on February 6, 1881 when it was totally finished. The theater owner brought the plans for its construction from the European continent and hired foremen, technicians and craftsmen from the region for its construction, adopting models from nineteenth century romantic theaters that included Italian style horseshoe shape rooms.

 Art Museum


Previously conceived as the House of Culture, now known as the Mazatlan Art Museum was built in 1898 by Pablo Hidalgo, shipping agent and businessman who installed there an exhibition of materials to ship in large volume. It is said that the building was used for various purposes during the revolutionary period like: post offices, workshops for the newspaper The Democratic Sinaloa and migration offices.

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Olas Altas

Do not forget to visit Olas Altas, the costal area of the historic center. This region is very busy at all hours of the day every day of the week. Talk to the locals, enjoy the beaches and lookouts, and admire the unique sunsets you can only find in Olas Altas. Furthermore, Olas Altas is at the main entrance overlooking the city and the lighthouse, where you will be amazed at the incredible panoramic views of the entire Mazatlan.

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Historical Center Gallery