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Olas Altas
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

The Olas Altas is the only ancient street of the city that has not changed its name since the beginning of Mazatlan. It is located south of the city within the perimeter of the Historic Center, better known as the Old Mazatlan, at the southern most point of the boardwalk of Mazatlan.


It is an important meeting point of the entire city and is visited daily. During the evening you can see some of the best sunsets in Mazatlan in its many bars and restaurants adorning the coast.

It is also known for holding great celebrations of Carnival of Mazatlan during with the avenue become the world's largest dance floor with numerous regional bands playing simultaneously.  In Olas Altas you will find the Shield of Sinaloa, the Monument to the Deer (Venadito), and some of the oldest and most famous hotels and restaurants of Mazatlan like the Siesta Hotel and The Shrimp Bucket Restaurant. You can also get to see a mysterious changing of its sand beach from north to south and south to north twice a year.  Its big waves make it a favorite surfing spot for local and international surfers, hence its name.

Olas Altas Avenue Gallery