Tripper Travel Guide

Mazatlan Beaches

Cerritos Beach.

It is an extension of Sabalo Beach at the end of Cerritos point. The incomparable scenery makes it a popular spot for many. Enter the sea with caution, becaouse it has an strong currents and waves can be dangerous.


Brujas Beach

This beach it’s located in the north of Mazatlan with a length of 800 meters. This beach is one of the least visited and quiet beaches in Mazatlan. The sandy beach is wide for a game of soccer and volleyball. Swimmers take precaution. The current can be unpredictable for being on the open sea.


Escondida Beach

Relaxing sandy beach where people can go for a walk isolated from the excitement of Mazatlan. Behind you will find some of the most prestigious and beautiful hotels and condominiums around Mazatlan.


Gaviotas Beach

It’s an extension of Camaron Beach inside the hotel zone of the Golden Zone of Mazatlan. Soft sand , blue waters and moderate olaje lends itself as a busy place to go swimming . Enjoy an afternoon of water sports such as snorkeling , surfing , canoeing , sailing or parachute or a night of drinking in bars and restaurants in the area. Considered one of the beaches most visited by the national and international tourism.


Camaron Beach

Small beach located in golden zone area on one side of Valentinos with access to hotels, restaurants and bars making it a favorite of Mazatlan . The sunsets are amazing with Deer Island and Bird Island on the horizon.


North Beach

This is the main beach in Mazatlan Located in the downtown area of the city along the longest pier in the world. The perfect place to enjoy the sun and sea. Enjoy rich seafood and a cold beer in one of the palapas on the south side of the beach .

Pinitos Beach

Savor a delicious coconut while enjoying a nice evening with your family. Located next to the March 31 Fort. The calm waters are perfect for carrying small to swim.


Olas Altas Beach

Historical  Mazatlan beach  located in the southern part of the city. The beach is rocky and full of various monuments with the coat of Sinaloa , El Venadillo , Pedro Infante Monument , Monument to the Continuity of Life and the Monument to the Mazatlan Woman . The perfect place to spend a fun night cycle or one of the restaurants in the area site.



Stone Island Beach

Located in the southern part of the city.Part of the extensive virgin beaches on the Isla de la Piedra .The waves are soft and fine gray sand . Snorkeling, boat tours or ride an ATV or banana: an ideal place to spend with family while you taste some of the delicious dishes of one of the restaurants along the beach or having fun in some of the activities available as site.