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Mazatlan lighthouse

With more than 152 meters high , it is considered the second beacon on the world's largest natural elevation , is open to the public and the board is an adventure you can not miss, about 30 minutes of walking will be worth it in the top your prize will be an amazing 360 ° view of the entire city of Mazatlan, its vast sea , islands and mountains that adorn the harbor.

Mazatlan lighthouse began operating in mid- 1879 , which consisted of a large oil lamp with mirrors to reflect and enhance the light,although being a static lamp light lighthouse was mistaken for a star so in 1905 replaced the lamp with a swivel.

If you love nature , landscapes, bird watching , sports or photography is an excellent opportunity to practice them ,a recommendation to make it count with comfortable or sports clothes, for being a hill should take precautions , take care of the smallest and not the prescribed way apart as it could be dangerous.



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