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Mazatlan Museums

Discover the talent of the people of Mazatlan as well the story and history of Mazatlan through the art pieces displayed in the museums in the Historic Center of Mazatlan.Find unique and irreplaceable pieces, stories and books of yesteryear that will take you to the past, amazing paintings, sculptures, handicrafts and much more.

Mazatlan Art Museum

Previously conceived as the House of Culture, now known as the Mazatlan Art Museum was built in 1898 by Pablo Hidalgo, shipping agent and businessman who installed there an exhibition of materials to ship in large volume. It is said that the building was used for various purposes during the revolutionary period like: post offices, workshops for the newspaper The Democratic Sinaloa and migration offices.

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Mazatlan Archaeological Museum 

Mazatlan Archaeological Museum was opened in 1989 in a building of the late nineteenth century. It provides a sample of pre-Hispanic culture of the region, through archaeological remains, with emphasis on burial customs and ancient ball game known as Ulama.

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Mazatlan Sea Shell Museum

Here you can admire a splendid collection of shells and snails in all shapes, sizes and colors, as well as buy beautiful handicrafts made mainly of these marine products from different parts of our country.

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