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Mazatlan Theaters

Mazatlan is a city where music and art plays an important role in the lives of its inhabitants. Every year various institutions such as schools, independent groups, foreign groups and specialized groups, such as Cultura Mazatlan, present their unique plays and original musical pieces, as well as foreign works in one of the two theaters available in town. Discover the mazatleco talent and let your imagination fly attending theatrical presentations.

Angela Peralta Theater

Inaugurated on February 15, 1874 under the initial name of Theater Rubio after the owner although officially opened on February 6, 1881 when it was totally finished. The theater owner brought the plans for its construction from the European continent and hired foremen, technicians and craftsmen from the region for its construction, adopting models from nineteenth century romantic theaters that included Italian style horseshoe shape rooms.

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Antonio Haas IMMS Mazatlan Theather

Known by the inhabitants as the theater “del Seguro”, inaugurated on May 19, 1961, and its construction began in January 1958. The first play presented was called Women of Antonio Haas, the scenery directed by Héctor Díaz Valdez and acted by the students of Rosales High School. Currently, it continues to showcase plays, music, dance, children's shows, festivals and conferences.


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