Tripper Travel Guide

The Three Islands
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.


The Three Islands of Mazatlan is a protected right in front of the beaches of Mazatlan natural area. Their names are Chivos Island , Deer Island (or island in the middle ) and Bird Island .


Deer Island 

Deer Island is the only island where you can safely access , is approximately 2.3 kilometers from the coast of the city. Its beaches are a main attraction on this island, and can be reached by kayak , boat or even some people have come swimming , you can see different types of birds , practice snorkeling ,dining and entertainment .


Bird Island

Is a rock formation that makes access difficult for anyone , it is even difficult for experts in the field , so you need to take preventive measures to enter such that the tide is calm and the winds are not too strong.

Goats Island

This island has no beaches around, so the only option for visitors to these natural wonders of Mazatlan is deer island.