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Angela Peralta Theater

Inaugurated on February 15, 1874 under the initial name of Theater Rubio after the owner although officially opened on February 6, 1881 when it was totally finished. The theater owner brought the plans for its construction from the European continent and hired foremen, technicians and craftsmen from the region for its construction, adopting models from nineteenth century romantic theaters that included Italian style horseshoe shape rooms.

Mazatlan had a show area in mid-1800 of very low category known as Recreo Theater and this was located precisely at Recreo Street, now called "Constitution Street". Rubio Theater was the scene of all kinds of cultural events and shows such as operas, plays, circus performances, box and even wrestling.

The most important theater event was the arrival of the Italian company of Angela Peralta in August 1883.  The company would host an opera, but the artist could not make the presentation, because during your boat trip was infected with yellow fever, dying a few days later in room number 10 in Iturbide hotel, located next to the theater, marking the life and history of Mazatlans cultural life.



Monday to Sunday
9:00 AM. to 7:00 P.M

(When there are scheduled events, opens noon)



Street address:

Constitucion # 1204 - Center
Reports Tel: 982-44-46 982-44-47

Angela Peralta Theater Gallery