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things to do in Veracruz - Walk on the streets of Old Town

A tour through the main streets of downtown Veracruz will let you admire the most emblematic buildings and monuments such as the cathedral of Nuestra señora de la Asunción, the municipal palace, the old captaincy of port and the magnificent set that makes Los Portales delightful with the joy of the jarocho people while dancing to the rhythm of the marimba and other instruments typical of the region

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things to do in Veracruz - Enjoy the beaches

Although in recent years the port of Veracruz has become important because of the significant commercial activity , visitors can still enjoy great beaches like Punta Mocambo, located just 8 km from the historic center; Punta Antón Lizardo (just 29 km from the port ) and super strip from there, and offers nearly 17 miles of beautiful beaches with soft sand and surf of moderate to quiet. From this point, diving enthusiasts will find magnificent reef formations ideal paths to undertake dives that allow you to discover the secrets of the underwater world in Veracruz.

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things to do in Veracruz - Taste an exquisite Parish coffee

Many people say "if you don't go to this place you didn't go to Veracruz". And indeed, La Parroquia is the most famous meeting point of jarocho port. Without losing its friendly nature, Veracruz people insist that the coffee belongs to them, so they wont let the business pass into the hands of outsiders and also they come to mass for religious talks always at the same time to sustain what they call "parish talks". During your visit, you cant help to enjoy a delicious dairy and sit in the same places where there have been important personalities of politics, culture and national shows such as former president Vicente Fox, businessman Carlos Slim and the writer Carlos Fuentes.

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things to do in Veracruz - Visit the Acuarium

Come to the biggest tourist attraction of the port of Veracruz. Located on the grounds of the Veracruz Aquarium plaza, this amazing exhibition will surprise you with its perfect over 20 fish tanks" a real encounter with the amazing marine life that prevails in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico." The overview of these, where fish, small and large format, as well as other marine species appear to be totally free, is simply unforgettable. There, you can also participate in various environmental activities, or if you prefer, have the unique opportunity to go down and feed the fish tank, for yourself, the fearsome tiger shark.

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things to do in Veracruz - Visit the fort of San Juan de Ulua

Built between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries on a little island to protect the port of Veracruz from the constant pirate attacks, this property was built resistant coralline stones from the depths of the sea. Among the many uses -from the nineteenth century to date- highlight the commercial use, barracks and even a prison. The impressive structure of San Juan de Ulua still retains the pit, ramp and five bastions and some dungeons that have been adapted as a museum that displays, with models and drawings, the history and development of this basic Veracruz that surrounded by fantastic legends.

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