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Ecotourism is relatively undisturbed visits to the geographic areas of Zacatecas, in order to enjoy and appreciate their natural and cultural attractions, through a process that promotes conservation, has low environmental impact and encourages the active participation of the people in local planning processes and the distribution of its benefits. Take advantage of your holiday in Zacatecas and come and enjoy the wonderful view that offers the Organ mountains the name of this place is due to its resemblance to the bodies and called cactus zone extends over an area of ​​25 km2. Or if you prefer you can delve into the land of Eden at the mine which has some adjustments to be adapted, inter alia, are: suspension bridges, a train, stairs, balconies, performances of mining, myths and legends, and special lighting: disco.

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Holidays, Festivals, Fairs

Mexico is one of the countries with the largest number of popular festivities. Every year hundreds of events scheduled in which indistinctly mixed-religious liturgical origin with profane events are held, so also are complemented by cultural and sports activities, parades, serenades, dances, shows, exhibitions of native dances commercial, industrial, handicraft, agricultural and livestock exhibitions. The main reason that makes a fair, is the promotion of market exchange. Meanwhile, the Traditional Party, seeks to commemorate dates of civic, social or religious significance. A festival is the main event with a community dress, because it involved all its inhabitants and even more, it becomes the reason for a countryman periodically returns to their home to live with relatives and friends.

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Travel to the city

Tourist routes in Zacatecas, which must not be confused with the Historical routes lead to the discovery of a land like Zacatecas. Through landscapes, Through the ancient crafts of Zacatecas, Zacatecas Through the gastronomic heritage, Through the characters of Zacatecas, Through habitat and many more. Topics vary to infinity. Browse our shopping centers, or if you prefer peace and quiet enjoy our various churches.

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Archaeological Sites

If you like discovering and leave amazed by magnificent buildings, this is a chance to delve into the depths of the culture of Zacatecas and know the different archaeological sites that give a very special place Zacatecas in Mexico and the world. Come and see for yourself the majesty of archeology zone "Altavista", ceremonial and astronomical product Súchil chalchuites branch of culture center, whose occupation and development had a period of about 800 years. Archaeological Zone "Burned" has buildings built on artificial terraces on the slope of a hill, the building material is stone slab and mud. In the highest part of the hill is what has been called "The Citadel", where you can admire remains of a small pyramid and a platform, surrounded by a wall of more than 800 mts. long, and three wide and up to six high.

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