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Asunción  is one of the oldest cities in South America and the capital and largest city of the Republic of Paraguay . Asunción is an autonomous municipality that manages as capital district , that is, that is not formally integrated to any department or state. It is located beside the bay of Asuncion, on the left bank of the Paraguay river from the confluence with the Pilcomayo River.

Its metropolitan area, called Gran Asunción, includes the cities of Luque , Fernando de la Mora , San Lorenzo , Lambaré , Capiatá , Mariano Roque Alonso , Ñemby , Ypacarai and Villa Elisa , which increases its peripheral population 2,524,719 inhabitants , making it one of the 20 largest urban areas of South America.



It is located on the left bank (Oriental ) of Paraguay river , almost opposite the confluence of this with the Pilcomayo River, bordering the Bay of Asuncion. Northeast borders the city of Mariano Roque Alonso , the east with Luque and Fernando de la Mora , and south Lambaré and Villa Elisa .



Asunción is considered the hottest Latin American capital in absolute terms , due to its geographical position and that during most of the year -especially in spring and summer- hot days with high humidity prevail . The temperature is rarely less than 6 ° C ( 43 ° F ) or above 37 ° C ( 99 ° F )



Paraguayan typical food has its origin in the fusion of the Guarani native cuisine and heritage of Spanish cuisine introduced during colonization. It results from the combination of Hispanic culinary techniques and the use of native products and other introduced and acclimated by the Spaniards, such as vegetables , rice , beef , etc.


Paraguayan Soup
Paraguayan soup is a traditional dish of the gastronomy of Paraguay and Argentine gastronomy Northeast. It is a salty sponge cake , very rich in calories and protein .


Mbeyú or mbejú
The mbejú is attached to the Guarani mythology being therefore one of the oldest recipes of this culture. It is a pancake starch , corn flour , egg, pork fat, table salt , cheese and milk.


It is a small bread made from cassava starch , hard cheese , milk , eggs, butter and salt; It can also add a little baking powder and / or a splash of orange juice and / or a little sunflower oil


Pastel Mandi'o
It is mandi'o pie is a pie , whose mass is made with cornmeal and mashed cassava. Very consumed in this country and is one of the most requested in typical Fiestas de San Juan meals.



Economic capital of Paraguay Asuncion , according to statistics and studies the economic development of the country is reflected in the city in recent years as construction ( infrastructure) has grown in an accelerated manner by the high demand for foreign investment. Asuncion occupies the 6th position as the most profitable city in Latin America


Places of interest


Bicentennial Astronomical Center

In the local three rooms with various thematic work. The first is a media room with big screen where you can observe scientific films . In the second room is a planetarium, where visitors can see a recreation of the constellations. The third room has computers with Internet access and an updated science and astronomy library, where visitors can conduct investigations


Botanical Gardens and Zoo

It is one of the major green spaces in the city, which owns more than 110 hectares of natural forest. The zoo is home to nearly seventy species of wildlife including birds, mammals and reptiles. Most of them represent the South American fauna.

Asuncion Bay

At the shore it is stationed two guns used during the Paraguayan War . Furthermore, in the back of the Palacio de los Lopez a viewpoint from which you can see on one side the horizon formed by buildings, and on the other , the nature around the bay.


Teatro Municipal Ignacio A. Pane

In 1886 the construction of the National Theater began and ended in 1889. In 1939  became the Municipal Theatre. In 1997 restoration work began and was reopened in 2006. The theater presents an extensive cultural program throughout the year (theaters , concerts , ballet, etc. )