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transportation in mazatlan

Looking like transport you into the city of Mazatlan? Meet like moving from the airport to the city, unique stroll in the beautiful world's largest seawall, or just move from your hotel to anywhere of interest in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Mazatlan offer differents ways to move arround the city


Look arround in the emblematic port of Mazatlan transport , the " pulmonia " . Since its appearance on December 20, 1965 , this strange car with peculiar characteristics , won the attention and hearts of Mazatlan people .

"Sabalo Centro"  Urban Bus

If you want to know the most important of Mazatlan, the boardwalk , the golden area , the historic center and more, on a super affordable price you can take this bus, because its path is purely tourist , and runs from end to end of port.


There are three types of taxi In Mazatlan, yellow, red and green . Yellows are exclusive to transport people from the airport to the city. Red and green operate exclusively within the city , ask for their costs, they are very friendly people.


This option is for people in large numbers , you can ask for their tours and costs. They are adapted red vans and usually have good music to enjoy the ride.

Bus Station

In Mazatlan there are different bus available to you and your family, for short trips around the city such as the magical towns or comfortably return to your hometown.

Among all the options that the port offered, the most important station is the main bus central of Mazatlán , Characterized by being a three-story building in a semicircular shape, located just at the apex of its two large platforms. Its near the beach and major avenues that connect all the city

International Mazatlan Airport

Mazatlan Airport ranked fourth in OMA group , and is the second most important in Sinaloa , thanks to the number of passengers handled Because Mazatlan is a tourist destination recognized nationally and internationally, annually receives about 1 million of tourists, mainly from United States and Canada.

Boat Terminal of Mazatlan

The ship terminal Mazatlan is a major form of income to the Pearl of the Pacific. Besides industrial cargoes arriving boats also arrive major cruise ships like the Grand Princess, Crown Princess Miracle or with thousands of strangers to visit the city .