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things to do in Montevideo - Historical Center

The old town, known locally as the old town, was origin of the Spanish military fortification. It had walls of stone which delimited the "strong city" San Felipe y Santiago de Montevideo. This was guarded by a fortress, called Citadel. The structure that held the door from the entrance to the Fort is currently in its old place, between independence square and the pedestrian Sarandi, marking the imaginary start from the historic paseo. The tour of the old city can see and visit buildings of high architectural and heritage value, museums, halls of exhibitions, cafes, restaurants, design stores, bookshops, antique dealers and an extensive shopping spree.

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things to do in Montevideo - Shopping

Montevideo has many walks shopping in different neighborhoods of the city. Among them stand out in their commercial offer the old city center and lace. Also four shopping malls distributed in Punta Carretas, Tres Cruces and Pocitos and Carrasco. Another option is the agricultural market in the neighborhood Goes, as well as the Tristan Narvaja fair, Villa Biarritz and Parque Rodó.

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things to do in Montevideo - El Cerro

The Hill has a height of 135 meters. At its top is the Fort General Artigas, construction completed in 1811, who was protagonist of important moments in the history of the country. It has a panoramic view of the Bay of Montevideo. It houses a military historical Museum and the first lighthouse in the Río de la Plata. At the foot of the Hill are the Park Vaz Ferreira, the promenade and the beach, places not to be missed visit. The Hill has historically been a neighborhood of immigrants and laborers, crowded industries. It stands out for its cultural wealth, concentrated today in the Centro Cultural Florencio Sánchez.

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things to do in Montevideo - Gastronomy

The cuisine of Uruguay is basically the result of the fusion of the cuisines Italian and Spanish, what determines similarities with Argentina cuisine. To this is added that of other European countries, the Creole cuisine and, to a lesser extent, indigenous cuisine. This diversity of contributions is one of the differentiating factors of the Río de la Plata kitchen from the rest of Latin America. For this reason, it is possible to find meals and typical drinks brought by European immigrants and adapted to the possibilities and availability in the Uruguay.

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things to do in Montevideo - La Rambla

It is the name that is known to the Montevideo waterfront. Its 30 miles make it one of the largest spaces of socialized coastline in the world. It is the escape route, and the most diverse space the montevideans attended daily to walk or play sports.

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things to do in Montevideo - Rural Montevideo

Montevideo has the uniqueness of offering natural scenery and unique landscapes in the region, historic and modern districts, own cultural and artistic manifestations, traditional and historical traces that make it illustrious and magic, all just a few minutes from the Centre, especially to the West of the territory now occupied by the capital of the Uruguay. Those who visit and walk around Montevideo may know and enjoy the variety of specific, and original attractions that are offered in this region for tourists from everywhere and different interests.

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things to do in Montevideo - Historical Museums

Montevideo has a wealth of museums, many of them located in buildings of great historical and architectural value. A very important to keep in mind is that almost all of them have free entry, unlike the majority of the museums of the world.

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things to do in Montevideo - Family Tourism

Tourism family brings together a series of innovative, interactive educational enterprises and systems integrators in 100% safe spaces. Fun for young and old to enjoy the game, entertainment, shows, interactive technology and curiosity to learn playing.

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things to do in Montevideo - Nightlife

Medium and medium (sparkling wine and dry wine in equal proportion), the grappamiel (grape honey liqueur) and other drinks rich originating in this country, are waiting for you so that your enjoyment in one of the bars, discos, nightclubs, gay bars or night clubs of the city. Besides the rich drinks, music will allow you to appreciate the rhythm of the night, and in Montevideo find of all types, from modern, electronic, folk music, and even rock live. The night in Montevideo is filled with options that your visit will be really unforgettable.

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